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Artificial Intelligence Teaching Faculty Employment with KING ABDULLAH UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology: Faculty Positions: Center for Teaching and Learning


King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia


February 28, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. EST

The description

The KAUST Center for Teaching and Learning is seeking to appoint a faculty member(s) for the teaching stream in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Such a faculty member will teach the underlying methodology of machine learning and modern AI, and its application in software, using modern tools such as TensorFlow and Pytorch. The faculty member will teach students how to use these algorithms and software to implement advanced machine learning and AI methods on modern computing platforms, including graphics processing units (GPUs). The main teaching will focus on neural networks, for applications in image processing and natural language, but also in other fields, such as medicine and geosciences. Although the faculty member need not be an expert in all of these application areas, they should have a sufficiently deep understanding of the underlying methodology to adapt to a diverse set of applications.

Teaching responsibilities will take many forms. The faculty member may teach up to one class each semester in a KAUST academic program, such as Computer Science. Additionally, the faculty member will help lead small workshops at KAUST on AI training for a broad audience of scientists and engineers, for people who hope to apply the technology, but don’t necessarily want to become experts. Finally, KAUST seeks to expand its exposure to the Saudi community outside of the KAUST campus. AI training and the development of “micro-certificates” will be carried out for short periods in Saudi cities like Riyadh, accessible to a large audience of technicians, as well as business leaders who hope to learn more about what can be done with AI, but who are not looking to become experts themselves. These teaching opportunities outside of KAUST are intended to address the need for AI training across the Kingdom and will help KAUST fulfill its expanded mission of helping to improve the skills of a large segment of the Saudi community. The faculty member will help design these training opportunities and, together with KAUST colleagues, assist in their delivery. In this context, there may be opportunities to conduct on-site training for employees of major Saudi companies.

For a teaching stream faculty member, it is expected that one will typically teach 2-3 courses per semester. However, the person fulfilling the role described here will typically teach one course per semester. Therefore, the remaining time commitment is intended to address the development and implementation of AI workshops at KAUST, as well as the aforementioned training opportunities planned for Saudi cities such as Riyadh, and possibly targeted training for Saudi companies.

This teaching stream professor position is full-time, over a 12-month calendar year, with vacation periods compatible with all KAUST faculties. The summer period will be a particularly important time to develop and execute the teaching to be provided outside of KAUST.


We welcome candidates with a PhD in computer science or related fields, with a strong background in artificial intelligence and data science.

Application Instructions

To apply for this position, please complete the interfolio application form and upload the following documents:

  • A cover letter ;
  • An up-to-date curriculum vitae;
  • A teaching statement that includes a teaching philosophy, a summary of teaching experience, interests, and accomplishments;
  • Student evaluations of instruction and lesson plans developed and taught;
  • The names and contact details of at least 3 (preferably 5) references