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Bahrain’s diplomacy follows moderation and balance: HM the King | THE DAILY TRIBUNE

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The Daily Tribune –

His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa yesterday expressed his pride and appreciation for the achievements of Bahraini diplomacy over its more than 50-year history.

“These achievements follow the firm principles and values ​​that have shaped Bahrain’s civilized identity which seeks tolerance, coexistence and respect for others,” HM the King said on Bahrain’s Diplomatic Day, which falls on January 14 each year.

Bahrain, HM the King said, is pleased to express its thanks and appreciation for the leading role played by Bahraini diplomacy at the regional and international levels to build bridges of cooperation and consolidate friendship with brotherly countries and friends all over the world.

“For more than fifty years, Bahraini diplomacy has reflected Bahrain’s foreign policy, which is moderation and balance.”

Bahrain, HM the King said, seeks to establish relations with the countries of the world, to support the international community to strengthen peace and security, to solve urgent problems and challenges and to achieve good and a decent life for all humanity.

“What Bahraini diplomacy has achieved through efforts and donations inside and outside the country is a source of pride,” Her Majesty said, adding, “It reflects loyalty, sincerity and dedication of the people in the service of their country, in the pursuit of higher interests, defending their positions and highlighting their achievements.

Comprehensive development, HM the King said, has always been our supreme goal, as it affects the lives and livelihoods of the Bahraini person and the realization of their aspirations and hopes.

His Majesty congratulated all the diplomats and thanked and appreciated them for their efforts and dedication in carrying out their responsibilities and the tasks entrusted to them.