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Batman director compares his Batmobile to Stephen King’s Christine

Batman director Matt Reeves explains how Batman’s new Batmobile is inspired by Stephen King’s murderous and sentient car, Christine.

According to The batman Director and co-writer Matt Reeves, the new Batmobile shares more than a few similarities with Stephen King’s iconic horror car, Christine.

Talk to Empire, Reeves explained the importance of making an impact when showing the Batmobile in the shadows for the first time and how this led to inspiration from the novel. Christine. “[The Batmobile] has to make an appearance out of the shadows to intimidate, so I almost thought of it like Stephen King’s Christine. “

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In King’s 1983 horror novel Christine (and its film adaptation), a sentient car named Christine is the perpetrator of several murders. Having a typically inanimate object at the center of such horror was on Reeves’ mind when he was developing the Batmobile. “I liked the idea of ​​the car itself as a horror character, making an animal appearance to really scare the people Batman is chasing,” Reeves said, adding, “There is absolutely an aspect of it. horror genre in this movie. “

Reeves recently spoke of another inspiration for The batman and how it affected his writing. “When I write, I listen to music, and while I was writing the first act, I put on ‘Something In The Way’ by Nirvana,” Reeves explained. “That’s when I thought that, rather than making Bruce Wayne the playboy version we’ve seen before, there’s another version that went through great tragedy and became a recluse. So I started to make this connection with Gus Van Sant’s Last days, and the idea that this fictional version of Kurt Cobain is in this sort of decaying mansion. “

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This idea of ​​tragedy and a reclusive Batman can also be seen in The batman in the relationship between Bruce Wayne and his father figure / mentor Alfred Pennyworth. This relationship has been described by Alfred actor Andy Serkis as “torn apart”. Serkis continued, “Bruce is on this nihilistic journey. It got to the point where they hardly speak to each other anymore. If they pass each other in the hallway, it’s a very freezing and painful greeting. They almost live in rooms. worlds apart now. “

According to sources, two different cuts of The batman have been tested with the public. The main difference between the two is the appearance of an anonymous actor. The sources also indicate that all test screenings are now over and Warner Bros. chose her favorite cut.

The batman hits theaters on March 4, 2022.

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Source: Empire review, via Twitter

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