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Black Clover can continue after the Demon King

Even if Asta defeats Lucifero, Black Clover has more villains that can provide future challenges, including the fourth brother of the Zogratis family.

Warning: spoilers ahead for black clover chapter 319!

Fans find it hard to imagine how black clover may continue once Asta and seven of his kingdom’s nine captains inevitably defeat Lucifero the Demon King, but recent teasers offer some possibilities.

The reason for fans’ disbelief stems from how the set is intrinsically linked black clover the universe is with the demons. Even though these monstrous creatures first appeared in Chapter 196, mangaka Yūki Tabata used them to shake up his entire story, somewhat replacing his previous massive twist. The most organized villainous organization in the series up to that point, the Eye of the Midnight Sun, was actually just a pawn. The leader of the group, Licht, did not want to help his members wake up. He used them as sacrifices to initiate a mass reincarnation of elves to exact revenge on the humans who slaughtered his people so long ago. But when that first demon appeared, it was revealed that the demons were actually the real bad guys. They poisoned the minds of humans to betray the elves, then filled the surviving elves with a false desire for revenge.


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It’s easy to see why some fans wonder how the story can continue once the King of All Demons is gone, but there are still other demons out there. Of course, readers are familiar with those associated with the Dark Triad, a group of three siblings from the Zogratis family of the Kingdom of Spade. Members of the Dark Triad used their bodies as vessels for the demons and strove to open the Tree of Qliphoth between the realm of the living and the underworld. Dante, Vanica, and Zenon of Zogratis host Lucifero, Megicula, and Beelzebub respectively, with the latter devil only appearing in the flashback to chapter 306. But there are other major demons. The first goes back to the powerful vice-captain of the Black Bulls, Nacht. In chapter 286, a flashback to Nacht’s tragic past revealed that his family studied demons and Nacht, being the good son, followed in his parents’ footsteps by summoning the supreme demon Lucifugus. When readers last saw Lucifugus, the Supreme Devil apparently killed Nacht’s entire family, but certainly his brother, the black sheep of the Morgen family. Beyond Demons, Chapter 310 also revealed that there were originally four Zogratis siblings, not just three. It is possible that this fourth is still alive and may appear later.

Above black clover Immediately pitting his heroes against the Demon King, mangaka Yūki Tabata greatly accelerated a process that could have lasted many chapters. The aforementioned Qliphoth tree that the black clover the originally summoned dark triad villains had nine gates that were supposed to open in succession. The format was that the demons behind each gate would gradually grow stronger, with the most powerful of them emerging from the ninth and final gate at the end. But Moris Libardirt, a native of the Diamond Kingdom who later joined the Dark Triad, betrays his allies by freeing Lucifero early.

In addition to the mysterious villains and demons above, it’s possible someone could still destroy the Tree of Qliphoth, closing its doors and forcing the demons, including Lucifero, back into the underworld. A possible sequel to this event could involve an invasion of the underworld. What would make this upcoming arc even more interesting is that it’s assumed that only Asta (and his evil partner Liebe) would be able to cross that threshold. During Liebe’s origin story, some demons bullying him threw Liebe against a wall, but because he had no magic, Liebe flew through it and landed in the human world. No other demon can do this, which is why they need the Tree of Qliphoth. If the same rule applies to human mages, then the only other lifeform besides Liebe that can pass through is Asta, which would greatly complicate their chances of success, but would make future chapters of black clover even more captivating than it already is.

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