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Burger King intrigues you every time

There is nothing more valuable than customer loyalty when it comes to business, which is why most companies try to find ways to keep you coming back. At the end of 2021, Burger King rolled out a new loyalty program called Royal benefits at most of its locations, giving customers points in the form of “crowns” to redeem on future purchases. For every dollar spent on the Burger King mobile app or website, customers receive 10 crowns plus daily perks like free upgrades. Ellie Doty, Burger King’s North American Marketing Director, says CNBC that during the pandemic, “many digital behaviors have really escalated very quickly”, noting that loyalty programs are a way to provide benefits to mobile users. But there is a little more than that.

Whitney Gretz, Vice President of Digital and Loyalty at Burger King, tells RSQ this increased digital customer engagement means Burger King can obtain their data and use it to target them with more personalized ads. In other words, the more money you spend through Burger King’s loyalty program, the more your data will be shared, making it easier for the chain to find better ways to get you to spend even more money. in its restaurants.