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Business Upturn publishes an open letter for “King” Virat Kohli

Published: updated on – 16:43, Sat – 21 May 22

Hyderabad: Indian media startup Business Upturn has recently extended its support to Indian cricketer Virat Kohli, who has been going through a difficult period in terms of performance recently.

The news agency believes in further development of Virat Kohli and big records under his name in the coming months.

Despite the tough times of the past few years, Virat Kohli has been a revelation in the cricketing world and is set to do even better in the months to come.

In a recent article Titled “Virat, we believe in you,” the media house shared an open letter in the hope that Virat Kohli will soon return to form.

The publication posted the article on social media via a Publish. The open letter reads: “Dear Virat, a bad patch can be frustrating for anyone, so it’s not always easy to understand how someone in a similar position would feel. Your disappointment leaves our hearts shattered. We tell how you feel at that moment. A million hopes and inspirations are what keeps your cricket empire alive. This, combined with the dreams of millions of cricket fans who believe in your game , like when people believe you’ll beat England at the next World Cup. With such a strong comeback story, there’s no doubt that it will be history written in golden words. Stadiums don’t haven’t heard you roar after scoring a century, but that doesn’t stop them from shouting your name in unison. Your comeback story will be remembered by millions of cricket fans who grew up watching you. We’re all so excited for your next n century. Jai Hind”.

The article is a mixture of emotions and prayers regarding the former Indian captain. Virat Kohli is an integral part of the Indian squad, and his form is crucial to the team’s success at the upcoming T-20 World Cup.
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