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Canada’s ‘No Sugar King’ bursts into the big game

The No Sugar Company CEO self-funded the “Natural Energy. It’s a Thing” campaign featuring Joyburst, a line of naturally caffeinated energy drinks containing (you guessed it) no sugar. With all natural and easy to read ingredients, the drinks are calorie free and are also Keto Verified and Gluten Free.

“Being at the stadium where we can air a spot during this legendary sporting event is a dream come true and there is no bigger show for this brand,” says Brad Woodgate, CEO and Founder of No Sugar Company. “We wanted to reach a mass audience with a light, viral and joyful message that you don’t need synthetic ingredients or sugar to energize your day.”

In addition to its CTV debut, the commercial will air nationally on the network for at least a month following the big game. Just as exciting as the TV ad, the campaign and #Joywalk will be supported by content creators across social media platforms, as well as in-store sampling, point-of-sale support and public relations.

“You have to bring energy when you launch a drink like Joyburst and we think the viral nature of the #Joywalk epitomizes that,” says Ray Rainville, Emmy-winning creative director of Consolidated Content. “We wanted to capture the feeling you get when you’re sipping the drink in a fun way that will make Brad wow and kudos for putting on his dancing shoes!”

Joyburst will launch on, through Walmart Canada, Calgary Co-op, natural marketPA Supermarket, Goodness Me, Nature’s Source and other independent retailers nationwide, as well as select regional Costco stores.

About No Sugar Company
No Sugar Company was launched in 2018 with the goal of helping people lead healthier lifestyles. After countless attempts to create the perfect sugar-free snack, it landed on the taste and texture enjoyed today with a wide range of products, including Keto Sugar-Free Bars and Keto Bombs, Keto Ice Cream Barz, and more. . The company’s latest product offering, Joyburst, is expanding into the beverage market with a line of natural energy drinks. No Sugar Company has quickly become one of the fastest growing consumer packaged goods companies in the world. North America and its products are now available in more than 50 countries, including Mexicothe UK, Australiaand China. Learn more at:

On Brad Woodgate
Brad Woodgate is a self-made Canadian serial entrepreneur who for the past 22 years has gotten his start thirty thousand dollars investment in over $1 billion in sales. Having launched several successful health and wellness businesses, he has managed over 500 employees, launched over 700 products and distributed in over 75 countries. Over the years, Brad has also helped many people and celebrities achieve their wellness goals. In 2015, based on his own health concerns, Brad took a very strong interest in the effects of refined sugar on our health. This led to the creation of the No Sugar Company in 2018, which quickly disrupted the global food industry and is now one of the fastest growing consumer packaged goods companies in the world. North America. He is also the author of No Sugar In Me, a book about changing your lifestyle by eliminating refined sugars.

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