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Charlie King hails youngsters after Tynecastle’s shocking first win of the season with six players missing

Tynie boss King was delighted to get his first points on the board after a winless start to the season.

“We had a tough start, it was always going to be tough,” King said. “We’re in a position like a lot of teams where the boys are on vacation, the boys are suspended from last season and the boys are injured; we just struggled a bit because we don’t have depth in the squad.

“We were missing six players [on Saturday] so it was a big result for us. We asked players to give us what they could. There was no pressure on us, all the pressure was on Musselburgh. I found the boys magnificent, we are delighted to get three points. Getting the clean sheet was important, it gives us a lot of confidence.

Tynecastle boss Charlie King was delighted with his youngsters in the 1-0 win over Musselburgh Athletic

“It was special. Which we did really well to bring in a lot of good young lads who made their voices heard and created a lot of atmosphere in the locker room. The atmosphere and the noise coming from them is superb. Last year we were very calm and the players played a bit to themselves, while the boys came out of their shells a bit this season.

“Even though we lost some great players to us last year, we brought in a lot of young players this year who are very hungry and kudos to Rob Hart for that. [assistant manager]he’s the Edinburgh connoisseur who knows players here, there and everywhere and he’s managed to get the best group of young players possible.

Weir, 22, was signed as a centre-half for Tynie but King revealed they saw promising attacking instincts in the youngster and it paid off with Saturday’s strike, his third in three games.

He added: “We brought him in as a centre-half but he’s really creative and he’s great with the ball at his feet so we kind of played him in the center of midfield for a while. just a little bit, but because of the way we play, he’s played more to the right, he’s shown he wants to learn, he’s understanding and he’s rewarded for it.