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Concord Mall’s Lost Burger King

New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer on Thursday couldn’t resist a spike at a Burger King that closed more than a decade ago but remained untouched.

Meyer released video on Wednesday of a Burger King space that was never rented to another tenant in the aging mall.

A temporary promotional wall typically used when stores closed hid the fast food outlet, with the owner-franchisee or mall owner never returning to remove seats and equipment.

People Magazine and other sites reported that hidden Burger King was first photographed in April.

The photo went viral this week after the tweet below was posted.

The Whopper’s house even had leftover trash when Meyer and a mall manager took a quick tour of the vintage 1980s restaurant with teal and purple decor. Always on hand were seats with an 80s look and even drink dispensers.

Concord Mall, which has struggled with a rising vacancy rate over the years, has new owners struggling to attract tenants. The Burger King said occupied 5,000 square feet.

See the video below.