King castle

Content is king and context is queen and together they rule the PR castle

These are interesting times for public relations. Although the objectives, strategies and expected results of activities have not changed over the past decade, the impact that technology has had and continues to have on the way public relations fulfills its agenda, l he relentless advancement of digital channels, tools and tactics is making mixing PR harder than ever.

Now that digital media has redefined the way the market interacts with a brand, public relations has entered an era of transition that is evolutionary and revolutionary for the organization’s communication objectives, which ensure that their target market and media are engaged throughout the brand awareness and decision-making process. .

Emerging from this dynamic environment, there is a greater emphasis on the development and dissemination of quality content. Content has always been key to successful PR campaigns, but as the variety of communication channels has exploded, the challenge of delivery has become more pronounced.

That’s why context becomes the realm of new era PR models. Content provides meaning while context provides currency. Content, by its very nature, is static. The context is narrative and unique. The increasingly digital model demands that content be driven by context, engaging with the target audience so that content is delivered at the most optimal time.

Content has always been central to a PR strategy. Whether through traditional media channels – such as thought leadership provocative articles – articulates the who, what, why, when and how of the business. The establishment of digital PR has greatly increased the importance of content in the PR model.

In today’s consumer market, whether business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B), the power of initial engagement rests with the media.

Resonant content

The challenge is to shift the public relations mindset about what constitutes quality content that resonates away from the tradition of creative advertising and guarantees and towards a notion of content that does not require bells and whistles. whistles to be engaging.

If content is the currency of a PR campaign, context is the storyteller – easier to understand and use. Context amplifies the value of content by providing a frame of reference to engage with the target market in a more streamlined way

Put simply, context delivers the right content to the right people at the right time. Context now emerges as the key differentiator for engaging with media and content aligns seamlessly with key messages in the decision-making process.

As we used to say, PR is knowing what to say and contextual marketing is knowing when and how to say it. As public relations evolves into an always-on digital world, it is capable of generating extraordinary volumes of coverage. Successfully integrating the content model that effectively leverages context is now fundamental to effectively building brand awareness.

We have never had access to so many dynamic channels through which to distribute content and we have never enjoyed the quantity and quality of data that allows for a narrow definition of target markets that this digital marketplace provides.

To be effective as a strategy and/or tactic, content and context must build consistent relationships over time, building trust and connection. It’s brand building at its core – managing how and what someone thinks of you.

Consumers want to interact on their terms, which means delivering meaningful value to them when they want it, where they want it, and how they want it. Consumers have embraced new forms of digital media and are comfortable with these channels and platforms…but it’s relevant content and meaningful context that nurtures deeper, longer-lasting relationships and delivers greater customer value.

Content is king because no other asset a business creates or acquires has the power to change perceptions in a way that inspires people to make the “right” choice in the decision-making process. Strategically managed, content can be leveraged and reused to address multiple opportunities over long periods of time. Context is king because content on its own fails to fulfill its potential, deliver the expected ROI, and change the minds it was meant to change.

Sasha Kupritz is the founder of Tenacity PR. She has been a content generator for ideas, angles, pitches and storytelling for 20 years. With traditional roots, she sees content differently. With her expertise in cross-platform PR, she has worked on the “media” board of directors for well-known brands ranging from finance to arts and entertainment.

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