King empire

Could this happen in Australia when Charles becomes king?

To condense centuries of history into a single sentence, the country of England had, in the 18the century, turned into an empire that included territories on all continents except Antarctica (via the BBC). As we all know, until 1776 this included the United States, and it still includes our neighbor to the Great White North. From 2021, World population review says there are still 53 countries left in what is now known as the British Commonwealth. The main difference between the Commonwealth and what was once known as the British Empire, it seems, is that Commonwealth countries participate of their own accord, which was not always the case in the wrong way. old days of imperial expansion.

On November 30, 2021, that list of countries was reduced by one, with Barbados choosing to exercise its option to become an independent republic. University of Sydney professor Cindy McCreery asked the Express if Australia could soon follow suit. As she worded her response, perhaps a nuance, “I think this is a time when Australians are starting to think about the future, but I want to make it clear that in Australia the discussion of moving towards a republic is complicated for a number of reasons. ”

In his opinion, Australia will not go their separate ways while Queen Elizabeth sits on the throne. Once Charles takes over, however, she believes “things will change.”