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Elden Ring: How to Beat Morgott, King of Omens

Looking for a walkthrough to fight the Elden Ring boss Morgott? Morgott, King Omen, is a demigod found in Leyndell, the royal capital. If you want to complete Elden Ring and continue your main quest towards one of the many endings, you will need to defeat this boss. Luckily, we have some tips to make Morgott much easier.

In this walkthrough, we’ll share our top tips for defeating Morgott, King Omen, so you can go through Leyndell, Royal Capital, and get closer to the Erdtree. If you’re not sure where to go next, take a look at our full Elden Ring walkthrough.

Walkthrough to fight the Elden Ring boss Morgott

Morgott, King Omen, may seem similar to Margit, whom you fought all the way to Castle Stormveil. However, Morgott is much stronger, with a variety of new moves you’ll need to watch out for.

Morgott tends to start with a few canes, but there are plenty of other attacks to show for it. Besides their standard physical attacks, Morgott also uses a range of holy magic moves. These include a close-range stab, dagger flurry, holy hammer slam, spear throw for players who attack from a distance, and rain of daggers. holy swords raining down from the sky. Watch the video below to see our guide editor, Ollie, defeat Morgott, then read on for our top tips against Morgott, King Omen.

How to Beat Morgott, King of Omens: Top Tips for Success

Here are our top tips for defeating Morgott, King of Omens:

  1. Increase your holy damage negation
  2. Bring the spiritual ash of the lone wolves
  3. Use Margit’s Channel
  4. Deal Bleed or Rot Damage
  5. Take advantage of opportunities to punish

1. Increase your holy damage negation

Since many of Morgott’s attacks deal Holy damage, you should increase your holy damage negation for this fight. You can do this by equipping a powerful talisman called the Haligdrake Talisman. You can get the standard variant near the Stranded Graveyard at the start of the game, but you’ll also find the +1 Haligdrake Talisman through illusory walls near the Leyndell Catacombs Grace Site. Be sure to visit one of these areas before attempting the Morgott boss fight.

You can also use the Holyproof Dried Liver consumable, which further boosts your Holy damage nullification. You’ll find this item scattered throughout the Midlands as you explore, but you can also craft it using the Missionary’s Cookbook (6), located in Volcano Manor.

2. Bring Lone Wolves Spirit Ash

To make the Morgott boss fight much easier, we recommend using the Spirit Ash of the Lone Wolves. As you can see in the Ollie footage above, Wolves will keep Morgott busy with constant attacks and occasionally stagger the boss. This leaves Morgott vulnerable for a brief moment, giving you a big window to land easy hits or a powerful visceral attack. To perform the visceral on Morgott, do a simple front light attack while he’s staggered.

Since Morgott is a late game boss, you’ll want to upgrade Wolves for this fight. You can upgrade Spirit Ashes in exchange for Ghost Gloveworts by advancing Roderika’s questline until she appears in the Round Table.

3. Use Margit’s Shackle

Before fighting Margit, you can buy Margit’s Shackle from the Murkwater Cave boss. This item is incredibly useful against Margit, as it will instantly stagger them when activated. If you still have Margit’s Shackle upon arriving in Morgott, King of Omens, then good news! You can also use Margit’s Shackle in this fightallowing you to easily stagger Morgott in the first phase.

When Morgott enters his second phase, indicated by falling to the ground and screaming in pain before unleashing a burst of holy flames, Margit’s Shackle will stop working. This happens when he reaches half health, so be sure to use it for the first half of the fight to take advantage of this easy stun opportunity.

4. Deal Bleed or Rot Damage

Bloodletting and Scarlet Rot are both highly regarded in Elden Ring, and for good reason. These effects will effortlessly wipe out most bosses, including Morgott, King of Omens. Reduvia and moon veil, both included in our list of the best weapons in Elden Ring, will inflict the bleeding effect on Morgott. If you’d rather use Scarlet Rot to slowly whittle down Morgott’s health, head to the Dragon Communion Cathedral to get the rotten breath incantation.

Although Morgott may look menacing, this boss actually has very low health. This means the use of bleeding is particularly effective here, as the bleed effect deals a massive amount of damage. It will ruin Morgott and, as shown in the Ollie video above, can prove especially devastating when paired with a Visceral.

5. Take advantage of opportunities to punish

If you’re struggling to stun Morgott, you should still have plenty of chances to punish the boss during this fight. Many of Morgott’s attacks will end in a cooldown moment, leaving Morgott vulnerable to attacks. Take advantage of these moments to punish Morgott with a flurry of slashes and swipeswhich should give you the upper hand.

If you don’t know when to unleash with attacks on Morgott, we suggest waiting for him to use his hammer. When you see Morgott swinging the Holy Hammer, roll to avoid taking damage, then follow up with a few free hits. Morgott will take a few moments to recover after this attack, giving you plenty of time to land hits before backing off again.

Another easy chance to punish Morgott is after his spear jump. When Morgott throws the Holy Spear, he will usually leap towards your character. When Morgott lands you can hit 3-4 times before you have to back up. You’ll have a similar opportunity after Morgott releases his holy flames during the phase change animation. Just run once the flames appear and get a few easy hits.

This concludes our Morgott boss fight walkthrough. If you want to withstand his physical attacks, be sure to check out our list of the best Elden Ring armor sets. To further level up your character, check out our Elden Ring Sacred Tears and Elden Ring Golden Seeds location guides. To find more challenges across the Lands Between, check out our Elden Ring boss locations guide.