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English Dub Review: Requiem of the Rose King “If you hide it, you won’t feel sadness”

Preview (Spoilers below):
Beth discovers Queen Elizabeth’s true intentions. Meanwhile, Richard watches over King Edward as his illness consumes his soul. Finally, as Richard awaits the arrival of the Prince of Wales, he uncovers a plot of treason being developed by Elizabeth and her trusted kingmaker, Buckingham.

Our opinion :
With one brother biting the dust, another immediately follows. It didn’t take long for King Edward to die of an illness caused by Jane. Again, health care was extremely limited in the mid-15th century. Even though Richard is now the only brother in the family, his quest is far from over, and neither is Elizabeth’s.

I enjoyed this engaging cat-and-mouse game of betrayal that sees Richard at odds with Edward’s manipulative wife. More importantly, his relationship with Buckingham runs deeper than ever, as his royal kingmaker now takes on the role of the other half of the demon. I wonder how it will last until Buckingham stabs Richard in the back like he did with Warwick several episodes ago.
There were several moments that were displayed decently, especially the flashback when young Catesby comforts Richard when he worries about his eyes. Sure, Richard seems to be on a darker path in the second half of the season, but the flashback proves that the writers still make this character likeable amid his devious actions. However, the one part I didn’t like was Elizabeth’s creepy facial expressions during specific sequences. Every time I saw the evil presence appear on his mischievous face, I felt nothing but disgust. This shows that Jane is not the only witch disguised as a sheep in the kingdom. Otherwise, it’s another strong chapter in Richard’s journey to the throne, with his next victim being the eldest son of Elizabeth, the second Yorkist King of England.