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English Dub Review: Requiem of the Rose King “Richard is dead, he died alone in the woods that day.”

Preview (Spoilers below):
Richard simmers in inner turmoil as Edward celebrates the Yorkists’ victory and George vies for the job. When the question of the fate of the captive Henry arises, Richard is forced to make an irrevocable choice.

Our opinion :
The war between York and Lancaster has reached its shocking conclusion, with the former kingdom claiming victory. However, just because the fighting is over doesn’t mean their lives will return to normal. The only war left in York is within their own realm.
The plot of the recent episode of the series begins with Edward and York celebrating their victory over Lancaster. Meanwhile, we see Richard reaching out to speak to Henry, but his memories seem hazy. Not only does he remember wearing the crown, he doesn’t know Richard either. That is until Cecily, the one who has no right to be called a mother, tells him who Richard really is while King Edward tasks him with murdering Henry.
The majority of the storyline depicts the unfortunate end of Richard’s relationship with Henry, with the latter refusing Richard’s proclaimed love for him after knowing his true identity. This led to Richard completing Edward’s request by stabbing Henry in the chest, killing him. Knowing that it’s based on Shakespearean lore, I thought this episode did a great job capturing that sad part of Richard’s journey. It earns the heartache and emotion that has built up since its tenth episode ended, and it’s wonderfully animated through its stylized sequences.
Part of the emotion that drives the episode, as well as the entire series, is Richard’s coming-of-age journey to find love. He is looking for the one who will love him as he is despite his unusual appearance. Richard thought he had found him in the form of Henry, but his discovery that Henry was King of Lancaster left him in turmoil and despair. But that seems to have ended when Richard confesses his love to Anne and wants to marry her. Let’s hope this relationship goes better than the previous one.
All in all, this episode is a well-deserved conclusion to the tragic end of Richard’s first love. This is another chapter that proves Shakespearean drama outside of the battlefield is surprisingly more invested than the war itself. After experiencing the first twelve episodes of this Shakespearean anime play, I have to say that I have been very impressed with what I have seen so far. It took me a little while to commit to the series, but once I did, I immersed myself in Richard’s complex nature and his ongoing quest for the throne. I hope he can maintain my interest during his remaining episodes.