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EVERYTHING KING: I’ve never seen Star Wars, so teleport me Scotty

In this week’s column, Wendy makes a brave confession from a galaxy very close to home

At the risk of being a lightsaber an inch away from my life, I confess here and now that I have never seen a single star wars film.

Not a smart admission, just a real one.

This came to mind when moviegoers celebrated their “holiday” last week: May 4th.

I was inundated with greetings from “May the Forth Be With You” and really wondered why apparently everyone was so in love with this movie.

I must have been busy in 1977 when it came out, because I completely missed the hype.

OK, so maybe “ignored” is a better word. Science fiction is not my thing.

The last cute alien that caught my eye was ET, the glowing finger alien.

It’s not that I didn’t know certain things about star wars. I guess I just didn’t delve into it.

I remember the girl with the buns in her hair, Princess Leia, but I just thought that was a stupid look.

I know Darth Vader was a creepy dude with a really low voice who was supposed to be the bad guy.

There was a wolfman and robots. One was large and the other small. Chewbacca, C3PO and R2D2.

Boba Fett? No idea. I thought that was a nice piece of cheese.

Doing research for this column, I now realize that star wars was iconic because it was one of the first major sci-fi films and it captured the attention of all demographics. It was the classic struggle between good and evil.

Through clever marketing, George Lucas marketed the characters in everything from Halloween costumes to mugs to action figures.

The movie was so iconic that lines from it have spilled over into the popular lexicon.

Who hasn’t mentioned “In a galaxy far, far away”, “the evil empire” and “I am your father”.

You cannot ignore its success. There have been 12 star wars movies so far.

If you do a Google search, it suggests which ones to watch and in what order.

It has undoubtedly brought great joy to generations of families, and it is amazing.

I did a very informal poll thinking I was the only one who had never seen star wars, but to my surprise, there were many more of us than expected. I thought it was one of those unsaid things that you don’t admit because you’ll be seen as uncool.

Most of these people were the same as me and just weren’t like that.

Others said they only watched because they had children at the time who were interested.

It made me think of a lot of classics that I had never seen.

People always shake their heads when I say I never watched music sound.

The scene of Julie Andrews shooting in the Alps just makes me dizzy. And all those children singing… no thank you!

Another is It’s a wonderful life. I’ve probably seen parts of it thousands of times, but I’m not sure I’ve ever watched it cover to cover in one sitting. I know it’s great to act with a timeless story, but it’s also depressing!

This next confession could get me attacked by flying monkeys. I have never seen the full Wizard of Oz. It’s so long. I don’t think I made it all the way to the part where Dorothy meets the wizard. It is a long and painful work.

I needed to click on my own ruby ​​red slippers to escape boredom.

Many times I thought I really should sit down and watch these legendary movies, but I never seem to.

To quote the weirdly haired Princess Leia: “I’d just as much like to kiss a Wookiee.”