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Everything we know about Stephen King’s Christine remake

In 1983, two horror masters converged to make a classic. John Carpenter, the director of Halloween (1978), added a story of fellow horror master Stephen King to his impressive resume with Christine (1983). It’s a film with the simplest premises, but which presents its insidious intentions from the start. Carpenter set a weird tone that continues throughout the film and leaps into audiences with brute force when the occasion calls for it. He’s mastered the art of creating suspense and turned the simple story of a car into a gripping and gripping ride, earning him cult status as one of the sub’s greatest films. kind of killer cars and one of the most memorable of the 80s.


This year, it was announced that the classic King story is racing for a remake under the auspices of Blumhouse. With today’s filming advancements over that of the ’80s, King’s novel can now be revisited with more modern filmmaking techniques that can resurrect the famous Plymouth in all its glory. Not much is known about the project so far, but more information is expected to come out in the near future. Until then, what is known so far can be found here. This is all we know about Stephen King Christine Redo.

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What will be the remake of Christine

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Christine follows a shy and unpopular bullied teenager named Arnie Cunningham in the novel and film. While in a junkyard, Arnie purchases an old-fashioned 1958 Plymouth Fury. When he begins to repair the car himself, changes quickly become apparent due to his influence. His acne subsides, he loses the need for his glasses, and his calm and kind personality is replaced by a more hot-tempered and cynical personality, resembling an arrogant 50s greaser. This change quickly begins to negatively affect how little social life he has. he has, all thanks to an old car. The danger goes beyond the negative influence as everyone around Arnie begins to realize that the vehicle has its own sinister mind, a mind set on chaos, destruction, and even murder.

The original film stayed true to the book and brought King’s vision to life. Thanks to the author’s storytelling and the expertise of Carpenters Cinema, he did modestly well at the box office. King had created a perfect portrayal of adolescence and ’70s high school life. The master of horror for a reason, he was always able to create truly terrifying and suspenseful stories out of there. anything, be it aliens, vampires, or random objects like an industrial washing machine. Of course, stories like this wouldn’t work without his expertise in character development as he takes Arnie on a tour from start to finish. Christine is a unique masterpiece of film and literature thanks to its original plot, King’s unmatched writing style and pure creativity. While this is an obvious piece of science fiction, something about the story is firmly anchored in the real world to help make it engaging and compelling. Nothing like this has been written before or since.

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The cast and who else is involved

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So far, the creator of the Hannibal television series, Bryan Fuller, is expected to direct the film, with Jason Blum as executive producer alongside Vincenzo Natali and Steven Hoban. As the film is also in collaboration with Sony Pictures, Peter Kang will oversee the project. It is not yet clear whether King will play a role in the production of the film. At the very least, he could be included in a consultant role.

The actual progress of the film is not yet known, but speaking with the Collider, Jason Blum revealed that Fuller’s movie script was finished. In fact, the producer is optimistic that filming could begin in 2022.

“Actually, we recently got a script, which was great. We’re going to try to make a movie out of it. It’s my plan.”

Blumhouse’s productions had a big year in 2021. They recently collaborated with Amazon Prime Video to produce the hit anthology series Welcome to Blumhouse, which consisted of four original horror films focused on under-represented groups. The series also provided opportunities for amateur filmmakers by giving them their first chance to direct. The series is currently available to stream, with the sequel premiering last October.

As much as the cast of Christine, no one has been announced yet. The producers may not have started casting yet, but it is also possible that a set may be kept under wraps. Many films these days are silent on their production. Given Christine’s popularity as a classic and King’s story, it could be. Three potential actors may appear in the film, although nothing is confirmed. Beth Grant (Child’s Play 2, A time to kill), Jonathan Tucker (Kingdom, Justified) and Chelan Simmons (Final destination 3). These actors are recurring collaborators of Fuller and have appeared in his works over the years.

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Here’s what to expect

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Fuller is committed to keeping the new film set in the ’80s, the same time period as the novel and the previous film. He can stick closely to the source like Carpenter did, but fans shouldn’t expect him to follow beat for beat. As with many adaptations of the book to the screen, there are some things that need to be changed in order to accommodate time constraints. Sometimes the novel is just too long to fit entirely into the movie. But Fuller is determined to keep the film cemented in what made the book a bestseller, and with Blumhouse’s expertise in horror, fans may have nothing to fear.

This won’t be Fuller’s first foray with a classic King. He first tried to remake Carrie in 2002, but critics and fans showered unfavorable reviews on the film. That being said, the director did a lot of things over the next two decades. Fans were delightfully surprised by his graphic and bloody series following the infamous Hannibal Lecter, played by Mads Mikkelson. Therefore, fans know he can perform brutal horror and mind blowing story. Outside of horror, he wrote for shows such as Grow daisies and the popular sci-fi series Star Trek: Discovery, for which he served as showrunner for some time before leaving the post. With his impressive CV, there is no doubt that Fuller is an excellent choice to make again Christine. He may not have hit the nail on the head in 2002, but his experience since then has given him a second chance at a classic King thriller.

As of this writing, there is still no set release date for the film or the start of filming, but things seem to be going smoothly with everything that is known so far. Many Stephen King novels have been reworked over the past decade. Movies such as THIS, Pet Seminar did well at the box office, with more sequels reportedly in the works. Other works in series, such as The stall and stone castle, have had moderate success on streaming services. He waits to see if Christine becomes one of them, but either way, it’s a great time to be a King fan.

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