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Everything we know about Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot remake

Earn a worthy reputation as King of Horror, renowned American author Stephen king is responsible for a multitude of bestselling novels, many of which have been adapted for numerous films and TV mini-series. With that in mind, the next reboot of Salem Lot has horror fans largely speculating on all of its juicy details. Salem Lot debuted as a two-night television miniseries on CBS in 1979, based on King’s 1975 novel. Stephen King’s beloved tale quickly became a TV sensation and garnered strong cult following over the years. Additionally, an influx of modern fans has sparked a new intrigue in King’s storytelling world.


In 2004, a two-part American television miniseries starring Rob Lowe attempted to recreate the magic of the original, but similar success was never met. However, a reintroduction of supernatural horror in the new generation presents an array of possibilities. After all, there is never a better fear than a fear of Stephen King. Recently, Salem Lot received a significant release date in September 2022, although the crippling anticipation has fans eager for further updates. Here’s everything we know about Stephen King Salem Lot redo.

What will be the remake of Salem’s Lot

Everything we know about Stephen King's Salem's Lot remake
Warner Bros. Television

Lot of Salem, Both the novel and the television miniseries, follows Ben Mears, a best-selling author who returns to his hometown of Lot in Jerusalem to write a new book. Mears plans to take inspiration from the old Marsten House, a local estate with a deeply haunted past. Unbeknownst to Ben, the bizarre fictional town of Maine is full of dark secrets. Upon his return, Ben realizes that the Marsten House has been purchased by Richard Straker, a reserved man with a clear goal of opening an antique store with his business partner, Kurt Barlow, who is constantly absent. Additionally, Ben realizes that the townspeople disappear and return as undead creatures.

The creative team behind the remake

Everything we know about Stephen King's Salem's Lot remake
Warner Bros. Television

In 2019, Hollywood journalist announced that Gary Dauberman has officially signed as screenwriter for the adaptation of Stephen King. Accustomed to the massive horror genre, Dauberman has found success writing films within Conspiracy universe, including his directorial debut with Annabelle comes home. Dauberman’s continued expertise led him to co-write THIS and Computer Science: Chapter Two, based on the critically acclaimed 1986 novel by Stephen King. In 2020, Dauberman was also announced as the director of the next film. Additionally, filmmaker James Wan, known for Conspiracy and Saw, is set to produce the Stephen King adaptation, with producers Roy Lee, Michael Clear and Mark Wolper. The film’s distribution will be led by Warner Bros. Pictures, with a release date slated for September 2022.

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Salem’s Lot & More cast confirmed

Everything we know about Stephen King's Salem's Lot remake
Warner Bros. Television

New Line has announced a cast of promising young actors who will lead the supernatural horror extravagance, while several film veterans will take on complementary supporting roles. American actor Lewis Pullman is expected to star in Salem Lot like Ben Mears, with many critics believing the role to be the actor’s breakthrough. Cast members also signed on for the project include Makenzie Leigh as love interest as Ben Susan Norton, Bill Camp as Professor Matthew Burke, Spencer Treat Clark as Mike Ryerson, William Sadler (Shawshank’s Redemption and The green Line) as vampire Kurt Barlow, Pilou Asbæk as mysterious Richard Straker and Alfre Woodard as Dr Cody.

Official filming for the adaptation took place in September 2021 in Boston, followed by several filming locations in Massachusetts, including Ipswich, Sterling and Clinton. The Princeton Public Library was also used as a filming location.

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What else to expect

Everything we know about Stephen King's Salem's Lot remake
Warner Bros. Television

Devoted Stephen King fans can expect the latest film adaptation to strongly adhere to the novel’s plot and finer details. According to Dauberman, the novel and the original miniseries are a great source for the upcoming remake, while also adding its own elements to better fit into the realm of modern cinematic horror. However, some detailed elements of the novel will obviously be excluded due to the time constraints of a feature film. Still, director-writer Gary Dauberman and producer James Wan intend to keep the story relatively the same.

As previously mentioned, Salem Lot Currently has a theatrical release date slated for September 9, 2022, followed by streaming on HBO Max 45 days later. Contrary to the belief that horror films released in October turn out to be more successful, horror films released in September generally perform much better. Salem Lot The release comes after a plethora of recent Stephen King adaptations, including stone castle and the next remake of Christine. With Salem Lot Fast approaching, many fans are wondering how successful and believable the remake will be. Either way, Stephen King fans certainly have something to look forward to.

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