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Ex-King Edward unmasked as a Nazi spy!

After giving up the throne to marry an American divorcee, the shameful King Edward VIII became a defector spy and sold Britain and the Allies to the Nazis.

That’s the shocking charge in the gripping documentary Edward VIII: The Traitor King of Britainbased on the book of the same title by historian Andrew Lownie.

After shocking the world by abdicating the throne in 1936, the Duke of Windsor and his bride Wallis Simpson soon met Adolf Hitler in 1937, the same year they married.

The film pushes the twisted scheme that the former monarch used his connections to European elites to betray his country.

After claiming to be loyal to the Allies, Edward, who was living in exile with Wallis in France, was invited by the French government to inspect its army in 1940.

The royal renegade then wrote four dispatches about the poor form of the French army and passed them on to a friend who was a Nazi informant, according to the doc.

The Germans used the information for their invasion of France.

Moreover, during Germany’s deadly air attacks on the London Blitz, the royal rat sent a telegram to his pal and Spanish banker Ricardo Espirito Santo, who was a Nazi spy, saying, “Continued heavy bombing would make England ready for peace.

The coded message also said Edward, who had been appointed governor of the Bahamas by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, was ready to return to Europe.

According to the documentary, this meant the despicable Duke was eager to return to England as king and a puppet of the Nazi monster Hitler.

The film reveals a diary entry from July 1940 by English lawmaker Henry “Chips” Channon that Edward’s parents told him: “My brother [Edward] wants to be Gauleiter [head of an area in the Nazi empire].”

Another entry reads, “The rumors are too ripe and plentiful. Diana Cooper told me today that the Windsors sincerely believe they will be restored to the throne under German influence; he will become a kind of Gauleiter and Wallis a queen. Perhaps!”