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‘Gypsy King’ strikes again and defends WBC heavyweight title

British boxer Tyson Fury beat compatriot Dilian Whyte on Saturday to successfully defend his WBC heavyweight title. Fury, who fought Whyte at the famous Wembley Stadium in London, has now won 32 of his 33 fights, including a draw. The 33-year-old champion defeated Whyte with an incredible uppercut in the sixth round of the match, which was played in front of 94,000 people.

Fury seemed to control the fight without even exerting his full potential until the fifth round when he started dominating the match. In round six, as Whyte desperately tried to land a right punch, Fury delivered the uppercut, which eventually knocked him down and out of the game.

Fury’s Retreat

Fury announced his retirement from the sport after the contest. Fury said his fight against Whyte last night could be his last appearance in his illustrious career. Fury celebrated the triumph with his team and even posed for selfies with children and other supporters after stunning the world with his unexpected decision to retire. Fury has been involved in the sport for 14 years.

“I promised my lovely wife Paris that after the third fight with Deontay Wilder that would be it and I meant it. Then I was offered to fight at Wembley and I thought I owed it to the fans, to every single person in the UK to come here and fight now that it’s all done I have to be a man of my word I think that’s it it could be the last curtain for The Gypsy King and what a way to get out!” Fury told BT Sport.

It is possible that Fury will come out of retirement if he is offered a fight against Oleksandr Usyk or Anthony Joshua, due to the amount of money he could earn and the possibility of becoming the undisputed champion if he wins. . However, given that Fury was certain of his retirement statement, the possibilities are slim. Fury was originally scheduled to fight Usyk or Joshua, but negotiations fell through and the boxer was forced to fight Whyte in his last fight.

Image: AP