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How Quentin Tarantino Once Reacted To Stephen King Criticizing ‘Kill Bill’

by Quentin Tarantino Kill Bill Vol. 1 once received a personal review from Stephen King where the author expressed his dislike of the film. Later, Tarantino took the time to address King’s complaints in an old interview.

What Stephen King had to say about ‘Kill Bill’

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Best-selling author Stephen King was quick to criticize the Kill Bill film. In a review he wrote for Weekly entertainment, the author talked about his love for cinema. But that love wasn’t nurtured by Kill Bill Vol. 1which King found disappointing and narcissistic.

“The film blabla was Kill Bill. You’ve probably seen good reviews of it, maybe even in this magazine,” King wrote. “Steve says don’t you believe it. Steve says you should remember that movie critics see movies for free. Plus they don’t have to pay the babysitter or pay $10 for parking. So they’re likely to rave about narcissistic stuff like Kill Billwhich is shaping up to be Quentin Tarantino’s fourth film, Aren’t We La-di-da.

Some of King’s points of criticism for the film were his use of violence and his belief that the story was not gripping.

“Uma Thurman tries hard, and she’s the best thing in the movie, but in the end, she’s stuck in the role of a woman who’s a label instead of a human being: she is, God us protect, bride,” he continued. “The violence is choreographed like an Esther Williams swimming routine. When the bride sends 70 or more kung fu goons into a scene, blood spurts from the amputated limbs, often in pretty spirals. And the movie’s litany of jokes is so boring.

How Quentin Tarantino responded to Stephen King’s criticism

In a 2004 print edition of Weekly entertainment (Going through New Beverly Cinema), Tarantino had a lot to say about the reviews of Kill Bill Vol. 1. One of the common criticisms that Tarantino focused on was how Flight. 1 was a huge departure from Jackie Brown. For this reason, some have found Flight. 1 a bit behind his previous film.

“But one thing that half annoyed me reading reviews for Flight. 1 was oh, it’s very wild and elegant, but it’s a clear retreat from Jackie Brown“, Tarantino said. ““Clear Reatreat” says that I run from what I did in Jackie Brown. But I did this. I don’t have to prove that I can do it, okay? »

He also mentioned King’s review of Flight. 1understand where the author was coming from at certain times.

“Stephen King criticized me for starting Kill Bill with “Quentin Tarantino’s fourth film” – you know, la-di-da! I can imagine someone taking a cynical view like that. But for me, I mean it, and not in a fairytale way. It’s my fourth film and I haven’t done anything for a long time. It tells you who I am today, and the fifth will tell you something else. They are all different places,” he added.

Quentin Tarantino ranked a Stephen King film adaptation at the top of his list of favorite movies

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Although King criticizes Kbad Bill Vol. 1the THIS The writer is a longtime fan of some of Tarantino’s other works. Similarly, Tarantino has often praised the prolific author. Tarantino once showed his admiration for King’s work in a handwritten list of his all-time favorite movies. On this list, which he gave to Empire(Going through IMDb) in 2008, it ranked the 1978 adaptation of King’s debut novel Carrie like number eight.

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