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How to Beat King Goomba in Paper Mario

The Goomba King is Paper Mario’s first boss, but it’s less dangerous than it looks. There is a simple trick to neutralize his boss fight.

The Goomba King is the first real boss in paper mario and the first real hurdle for gamers. With the exception of Bowser at the start of the game, against whom the player is bound to lose, none of the fights in the paper mario prologue are particularly difficult. Essentially, the Goomba King is the boss of the prologue and the player must defeat him to gain access to the game proper.

While The king of origami didn’t have enough bosses, the original paper mario wastes no time throwing the player into a boss fight. There are a few challenges that are unique to this battle, largely because it takes place so early in the game. Most of Mario’s options are absent, and he’s left with his basic attacks and initial partner. However, even with few resources, King Goomba can easily be defeated.


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One thing to take into account is the fact that when paper mario where King Goomba is being fought, Mario does not yet have access to action controls. As a result, he can only deal one point of damage unless he uses a Power Jump for three, and Goombario can only Headbonk for one damage. This limits the player to dealing only two or four points of damage per turn. However, much like empire of sin bosses have weaknesses, the Goomba King’s strategy has a key vulnerability to exploit. The Goomba King is supported by the Red and Blue Goombas, and together they can deal three points of damage per turn. Considering the Goomba King’s 10 HP, this could be a problem as players will be behind in damage at the start of the fight. However, the Red and Blue Goombas only have two HP each as they are still injured from Mario’s previous battle with them.

One Move Turns Mario Goomba King Paper Battle Into A Clear Victory

Without his minions, the Goomba King is complete child's play.

Killing Red and Blue Goombas is a priority to reduce enemy damage, and paper mario offers players two ways to do this. The first is a Goomnut tree in the background that has an X-shaped bandage on it. This tree is as vital to Mario in this battle as Metroid Dread the melee counterattack is for Samus’ survival. Players can attack this tree to cause it to drop a giant Goomnut which will smack all enemies for three points of damage, instantly removing the red and blue Goombas from the fight.

Alternatively, if players found a Fire Flower near Goomba Village earlier, they can use it for the same effect. However, the Goomnut Tree is the preferred move in order to save the Fire Flower for later. Hitting the tree should be the players first move in the fight in order to remove King Goomba’s save.

Once King Goomba is alone, the fight becomes much simpler. He can only deal one point of damage per turn unless he uses a rare attack to deal two damage, and he will now outnumber Mario and Goombario. At this point, the player must use Mario’s power jumps in order to hit King Goomba for three damage. By hitting the Goomnut tree, then spending the next two turns using Power Jump and Goombario’s Headbonk, the fight will be over within three turns.

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paper mario is available for Nintendo Switch.

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