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How to defeat Morgott, King Omen in Elden Ring

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Ring of Elden has a variety of bosses scattered throughout the vast areas of the land between. One of these patterns is Morgott, King of Omens. Morgott makes his first appearance in Stormsail Castle and is a boss you must overcome. However, it bears the name Margit the Fell Omen the. Your second encounter with him will be at the top of Leyndell, royal capital guarding the Elden Ring.

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Introducing Morgott, King of Omens

Terni facing Morgott the Omen King at Leyndell, Royal Capital.
Introducing Morgott, King of Omens
Location Leyndell, royal capital
Optional No
Summons Players and Spirit Ashes
Drops Remembrance of King Omen
The great rune of Morgott
Weak To Slash damage
Frostbite and bleeding
Margit’s Shackle


Morgott is located in Leyndell, Royal Capital. The boss fight is mandatory to access it Giant Peaks, the next main area of ​​the game. The closest Grace site is the Queen’s Chamber. You can summon Melina, your maiden, to aid you in this fight.

Alongside Melina, you can also summon online players and spiritual ashes. Defeating the boss will reward you with its Great Rune and Souvenir, which you can exchange for Enia fingerprint reader for a weapon or consumable.

The boss is relatively weak to Slash Attacks as well as Frostbite.

Margit’s Shackle can be used twice in battle to bind Morgott for a few seconds, giving you time to get free hits.

Obtain rewards after defeating Morgott the Omen King.

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Morgott, King Omen Attacks

The boss using Blood Slice on the player.

Morgott shares a few attacks with his previous boss variant, Margit. However, in this fight, the boss has a few new attacks plus a second phase that allows it to cause the player to lose blood. Hallowed Blade Rain and bloody thrust are some of the few attacks you need to be careful of as they deal a lot of damage.

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The player faces the boss of Leyndell Capital.

There are two main strategies for this fight: you can bring a sword that does high Slash damage and apply Ice Scaling to it, so it deals more damage to Morgott – or you can use Sorcery to lower his health. Alternatively, inflicting Bleed will take away a bad portion of his health.

Melee strategy

The player using a melee weapon against Morgott.

Bring Weapon As An Upgrade Frost Hatchet can be useful because of its helpful Ash of War, Frost Trample. You can also acquire this ash of war by killing the invisible scarab near Caria Mansion to put it on any other Slash weapon.

Margit and Morgott are similar in many ways. You can take advantage of this by using Margit’s Shackle to bind the two bosses for a few seconds twice in the fight.

If you are unsure if you can dodge a specific attack, you can cancel its animation using this item.

As MelinaThe goal of is for you to become the Elden Lord, she can help you as a summon in this fight. You can also summon other players online to help you in battle.

Remote Strategy

Tarnished by using Sorcery on Morgott.

For the remote policy, you use Swift Glistening Stone Shard (Witchcraft) to constantly sting the boss from a long distance. Other than that, you can also use Comet Azur which does a lot of damage but takes a lot of your FP.

Bring more Cerulean Vials and summon a Spirit Ash tank to keep the boss constantly switching targets.

Do not use sorceries or long-lasting incantations because the boss’ attacks have a very long range and he can charge you. You can also use carian slicer (Witchcraft), but it will force you to get closer to the boss.

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