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Idea of ​​a kingdom where the king does not listen: Rahul targets Modi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday launched a virulent attack on the BJP-led government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying the ‘idea of ​​the kingdom is back’ where the ‘king’ does not listen to the people but helps his industrial friends, create “two Indies” and put the country in peril by making strategic mistakes on China and Pakistan.

Taking part in the discussion on the vote of thanks for the president’s speech as the opposition opening speaker, he also accused the government of using the judiciary, the electoral commission and Pegasus (controversial Israeli spyware) to “destroy the voice of the union of states”. “.

He said India’s position had taken a hit and the government should consider why it “is unable to have a guest on Republic Day”. “India today is completely isolated and surrounded,” he said.

Pointing out that the RSS and BJP are “destroying” institutions, Rahul targeted the government on unemployment, problems faced by the small and medium business sector and the widening gap between the poor and the rich. He warned there would be an implosion if a dialogue was not engaged and all were taken on board.

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The Congress leader anchored his speech on his favorite ‘two Indies’ theme where one of the sets is the ‘extremely rich people with immense wealth, immense power, those who don’t need a job, those who do not need a connection to water, electricity but control the heartbeat of the country”.

“The poor can see that the richest 100 in India have more wealth than 55 million people. The Prime Minister should start uniting these two Indies at the earliest. You give everything to a few people who do your marketing, you put on TV, Facebook and WhatsApp,” he said.

Accusing the government of destroying small and medium industries and the unorganized sector through “demonetization, bad GST and refusal to provide support during Covid-19”, he alleged that the Modi government had pushed 23 million people back into poverty, while the previous UPA regime had managed to lift 27 crores out of poverty.

“The formal sector is witnessing the birth of monopolies. As Covid-19 has variants, they are spreading throughout the economy. One gets all ports, airports, electricity transmission, green energy, gas distribution and edible oil. You see Adani everywhere. Another Ambani monopoly has petrochemicals, telecommunications, retail. All the money goes to picking people. The unorganized sector is over,” he said. declared.

Rahul spoke of the growing tension between the States and the Center and said: “A centralization is going on. The idea of ​​a king has come back, which Congress removed in 1947. We had broken it up. rulers, master of masters.”

“Today the idea of ​​Tamil Nadu is shut out from Indian institutions. They say NEET, NEET, NEET. You say no. They have no voice. Farmers in Punjab sit on a dharna for a year but they have no voice. voice. Only the king has a voice, but the king does not listen,” he said.

He said the biggest strategic mistake of the Modi government was to allow a situation where Pakistan and China came together against India.

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