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It: why Derry is cursed in the Stephen King universe

One of the most important places in Stephen King’s universe is Derry, Maine, which is said to be a cursed city – and here’s why.

A large number of Stephen KingThe stories are set in the fictional town of Derry, Maine, and due to all the horrific events that took place there, Derry is said to be cursed – but what made it a town? cursed? Stephen King rightfully earned the title of “King of Horror” thanks to his novels and short stories in this genre, although he also explored different ones such as drama, science fiction and even western. King also built his own universe and his own mythology, and certain cities and places became essential in his stories, even becoming characters, as is the case of Derry.


Stephen King was born in Portland, Maine, and he used Maine as the setting for many of his stories, building fictional towns that fit his vision, such as Castle Rock (or The Rock) and Derry. The latter first appeared in the 1981 short story “The Bird and the Scrapbook” and has since been the main setting for some of King’s most famous novels, such as THIS and 11/22/63and it has been mentioned in many others as well as the events that took place there, as it happened in books like Gerald’s game, Pet sematary, Misery, The body, Lisey’s story, under the domeand more.

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King shared that Derry is based in the town of Bangor, Maine, where he and his wife Tabitha now reside. King even said he was inspired by the sewers in Bangor, which were poorly constructed and extremely difficult to map, which translated to the sewers in Derry where the IT lurked. What also prompted King to use Bangor as inspiration was the city’s history of violence, and one particular case was used as the basis for the murder of Adrian Mellom in THIS, one of the most brutal scenes in the book. Derry in the King universe has seen many deaths, supernatural occurrences, and is home to some of the universe’s most famous locations, such as the Barrens and the house at 29 Neibolt Street. Derry is the main executive of THISand as such he has witnessed some truly terrifying scenes, but is Derry cursed because of IT or did the creature come to this particular town because it is cursed?

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There are points in Stephen King’s universe called “thinnies”, a weak point in reality where the fabric of worlds has worn away, allowing certain creatures to slip through other dimensions. In The dark tower, Derry is mentioned to exist in a thin spot, which would explain why the city seems to be cursed and therefore doomed to all types of tragedies. However, the IT story also explains why Derry is a cursed city, as the creature arrived on Earth following a massive cataclysmic event, landing in what would become Derry, Maine. IT, then, had been living in Derry since before the city was built, which is why Derry had been plagued by tragedy from the start – literally the start, as around 340 original settlers suddenly disappeared. The answer to whether Derry is cursed because of computing or whether computing has moved there because the city is cursed is a bit of both, because Derry being in a sticky situation and computing which is crushes there contributed to the curse of the city.

Given its cursed history and the many strange and tragic events that have taken place there (like hundreds of people killed in an explosion, an entire club burned down, and children mysteriously disappearing every 27 years), there is no It’s no surprise that Derry was mentioned. in other stories, and it will surely continue to be a key location in the universe of Stephen King.

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