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Kenny King questions procedure after his daughter was detained at Reid International Airport

Kenny King is not happy with the agents at Reid International Airport.

King and his 15-year-old daughter Makenzi left Reid International Thursday night, with King heading to Denver for a layover and his daughter heading to Texas. King dropped his daughter off at his door and when he arrived in Denver he was informed that his daughter had been detained.

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King posted the following message on social media:

Yesterday in Las Vegas my 15 year old son was falsely detained by law enforcement due to mistaken identity. Although I can understand that it could happen, the procedure that took place was extremely unacceptable. The officer who held her did not attempt to identify her OR himself before laying his hands on her and telling her to place her hands behind her back.

This appeared to be a cooperative effort between law enforcement and American Airlines as neither of them made any attempt to identify my MINOR child and after a few minutes they were able to identify their real suspect (whose the only resemblance to Makenzi was that they were both “light-skinned.”

After the mistake was realized, no one from law enforcement attempted to contact Makenzi’s parents or do anything to calm my scared and anxious child. This is totally unacceptable and WILL NOT ALLOW.

King told FOX5 in Vegas that his family hasn’t received any kind of apology.

King recounted what he learned from his daughter’s detention and release, saying: “Someone came and pointed the finger at another young woman and wasn’t like her, her. According to my daughter, the only resemblance between her and my daughter was that they were both fair-skinned. Their hair was completely different, my daughter looks like she’s 15.”

King State Police arrested a 21-year-old woman and released her daughter.

“The original officer just said to my daughter, ‘oh you know, sorry about that, these things happen every day,'” King said. “She’s my baby girl…this is just unacceptable.”

Both Reid International and American Airlines declined to comment on FOX 5, saying the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police should be contacted. Metro police had made no comment on Friday.

King currently competes for IMPACT Wrestling.