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King Abdulaziz Palace in Al-Seih is an architectural masterpiece built 82 years ago

AL-SEIH, Saudi Arabia — King Abdulaziz Palace in Al-Seih is one of the most important historical palaces in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which was built in 1359 Hijri corresponding to 1940.

The palace, located in the Al-Aziziyyah district in the center of the city of Al-Seih, comprises identical architectural units in terms of design, building materials and number of floors, and was built in the modern Islamic style with stones covered with a layer of gypsum, where the length of each square unit is 30 meters.

Each unit has two floors, the first is known for the rectangular openings for natural light in the upper third of the exterior walls, where each opening faces a large window on the lower third of the second floor with an area of ​​70*150 centimeters, where the form has further embellished the building whose doors have plant mosaics.

The palace was built in two stages, where the western palace was built in the first phase and was assigned to accommodate official delegations and guests of the late King Abdulaziz, while the second stage included the construction of the palace eastern with its outer walls and a 160-meter-long bridge allocated for the king’s carriage, leading to the upper floor of the palace which was allocated for the residence of King Abdulaziz and his family.

The palace is currently under the supervision of the Heritage Commission which is seeking to rehabilitate the palace and develop its facilities, especially because it is one of the most important palaces in the world.

The city of Al-Seih is the capital of Al-Kharj and its administrative and economic center. It was created after the unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the late King Abdulaziz. The city is experiencing development processes thanks to its attractive economic characteristics for investment. The city is also home to several important economic and government facilities. — SPA