King castle

King Charles III officially proclaimed King at Edinburgh’s Mercat Cross

The Lord Lyon King of Arms read the proclamation to the people of Scotland, followed by a 21-gun salute at Edinburgh Castle.

Public proclamations are a tradition that announces the accession of the new monarch.

Huge crowds gathered in front of the Mercat cross – dating from the 14th century – to witness the proclamation of King Charles III.

An Accession Proclamation Ceremony at Mercat Cross, Edinburgh, publicly proclaiming King Charles III as the new monarch (Picture: Jane Barlow/PA Wire).

Thousands of people lined the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, with dozens brandishing their phones and cameras to take pictures of the cross.

After a fanfare of trumpets, Lord Lyon King of Arms Dr Joseph John Morrow CBE QC made the proclamation and said, “God save the King”.

The crowd shouted back, “God save the king.” Boos were heard throughout the cheers after the official proclamation.

The national anthem was then sung by the crowd, accompanied by the band’s music.

After God Save The King was sung, people could be heard calling for a republic.

The Lord Lyon King led three cheers as he said “Hip hip”, to which the crowd then responded with “Hooray!”

As the King’s Bodyguard for Scotland and the Guard of Honor made their way to Edinburgh Castle, the crowd erupted into a round of applause.

Elsewhere, the Wales Herald of Arms Extraordinary, Tom Lloyd, and Lord-Lieutenant of South Glamorgan, Morfudd Meredith, read the new king’s proclamation in English and Welsh to the people of Wales at Cardiff Castle. The King-at-Arms of Norroy and Ulster, Robert Noel, read the new King’s proclamation to the people of Northern Ireland at Hillsborough Castle following the Queen’s death.

In Scotland, the procession included Her Majesty’s State Trumpeters, representatives of the Society of High Constables of Edinburgh, the City Officer, Macer at the Court of Lord Lyon, the heralds and “pursuers” of Scotland, Lord Lyon King of Arms and the City Mace and City Sword.

Edinburgh City Council members wore red robes as they left the City Chambers.

The procession will return to the Castle where Lord Lyon will read the second Proclamation.

The King’s Bodyguard for Scotland, known as the Royal Company of Archers, and the Guard of Honor marched from the Castle Esplanade to Mercat Cross for the occasion.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said it was a “sad and poignant moment” as the Queen left “her beloved Balmoral” for the last time.

“Today, as she travels to Edinburgh, Scotland will pay tribute to an extraordinary woman,” Sturgeon wrote on Twitter.

Charles was already king before the ceremony – under the terms of the 1701 Deed of Establishment, he became king automatically upon the death of his mother.

The purpose of the Membership Council is ceremonial as it formally announces the name of the new monarch.