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King Diamond denies that Ghost is copying merciful fate

Apparently, a lot of people have drawn comparisons between Mercyful Fate and Ghost, stating that the latter rips off the former. Well, King Diamond himself weighed in on the matter, denying that Ghost copied him or his bands.

“Some people have compared the two bands, but I never thought that,” King Diamond said. metal hammer. “I really saw them as a Blue Oyster Cult style band. I’m sure they have a bit of influence from us, and that’s a huge honor to hear, but they have their own style. I don’t never felt like they were copying us. We have all these guitar solos, and they hardly use any guitar solos on those first two albums.”

“They also have a completely different show than ours,” he continued. “You see someone say ‘Oh, they got that from King Diamond and Mercyful Fate!’ But I don’t think that’s true. It’s not like we don’t have humor on our shows, but it’s very grotesque and twisted. With them, I see it as much more ironic. ours is a horror show, they have jokes that come and go during the show.

King Diamond admitted that he was not interested in the more pop material of Ghost, but that they had also done “really heavy songs” and were good at songwriting.

There are a plethora of shock rock artists who have risen to fame over the past few decades, so it’s unfair to assume that the use of face paint and horror themes in a stage performance means that an artist in imitate another. Ghost frontman Tobias Forge actually named Alice Cooper as the reason Ghost exists.

“I don’t have the right words to fully explain how extremely vital it has been to the whole genre of rock and roll, really. But also talking about a context where I guess we’re a rock band too theatrical shock, we wouldn’t have been here without Alice Cooper,” the singer said in 2019.

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