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King George VI’s funeral at Windsor Castle prompted Lynn News editorial

The Lynn News looks back 70 years to a sad day when King George VI died at the Royal Estate of Sandringham on Wednesday February 6, 1952. This is the final part nine…

On the day of the King’s funeral at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, Friday February 15, the Lynn News and Advertiser left space on its front page for a special editorial, which we reproduce here in full: Today the British Commonwealth of Nations pays its final tribute to the late Majesty, King George VI, a tribute that began with the awe-inspiring scenes so many Norfolks sadly witnessed at Sandringham on Monday.

A man of Norfolk, the late King was loved in his own earldom as an exemplary family man and squire, as well as a monarch to whom no tribute, however eloquent, is sufficient gratitude.

The Lynn News and Advertiser caption for this photo reads: With the House of Sorrows barely seen in the background, this photo of the Norwich Gates in Sandringham was taken on Wednesday morning when, in the rain, villagers pausing to consider the scene of the sad event that has bereaved an empire.

Norfolk’s sympathetic hearts and thoughts will turn today to the pomp of the funeral which will take place in Windsor, and will have in mind its other royal neighbours, the bereaved Queen, the Queen Mother, Queen Mary and the Princess Margaret, all familiar figures among us, with a genuine and gracious interest in the people of Sandringham and that part of Norfolk.

At 2 p.m. today, all of us, observing the two-minute silence, will think of the monarch, the gentleman we once knew; and his beloved family, with the hope in their hearts that they will once again be able to find the rest and relaxation of royal care at the home of Sandringham which has held such a warm place in the hearts of our royal family for so long time.

This is one of the last photos taken of the King and Princess Elizabeth.
This is one of the last photos taken of the King and Princess Elizabeth.