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Some clashes are inevitable in the world of V Rising, where various animals live side by side. Terah is one of those monsters that you have to fight to continue the game. We will go over everything about Terah the geomancer Bosses in V Rising in this guide.

Where is Terah the Geomancer?

It’s not hard to locate Terah, the geomancer. Terah can be seen walking around the Bedrock Passwhich is located in the Dunley Farmland northwest part.

By using the altar of blood will let you stalk Terah with ease, much like all previous bosses, if your gear score is high enough.

What equipment do you need?

To increase your chances of beating Terah the Geomanceryou will need the following equipment.

  • Any ranged weapon
  • Ranged magic spells

How to defeat Terah the Geomancer?

Although Terah the Geomancer is one of the toughest opponents to defeat, once you figure out his assault patterns the rest is easy.

of Terah the attacks consist mainly of stomping the ground, and they are all quite slow. Being quick on your feet and moving as much as possible is the best method to take him down.

Terah can transform into a gigantic golem, and this golem can summon two lesser golems, which you must defeat before Terah can be hurt.

Terah can switch between his regular and huge golem forms, so keep an eye out for that. Smaller golems are simple to defeat and can be taken down with basic melee assaults.

Avoid melee assaults as much as possible while dealing with Terah, and avoid getting too close if possible. From afar, use ranged assaults and magic spells.

One of his hits will cause spikes to pop out of the ground, seriously injuring you. These are easy to predict and avoid.

One of his other attacks is to rain down rocks from the sky. A red circle will designate where the boulder will fall. Stay away from these rings to avoid this onslaught.

Keep attacking from afar. When she is in her normal form, you can approach her. Whenever possible, use magic spells.

The boss’ strikes are all slow and predictable, making them easy to dodge. Keep dodging while hitting from afar. Keep it up and victory will be yours.

What are the rewards for defeating this boss?

when you beat Terah the Geomanceryou will win the next item.

  • Recipe – Siege Golem Stone
  • Recipe – Regular Gems
  • Vampire Power – Spectral Guardian
  • Structure – Gemstone Size Table