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King Mohammed VI, architect of all stages of the resolution of the Moroccan-Spanish crisis

Relations between Morocco and Spain are entering a new stage based on renewed partnership, transparency, mutual respect and permanent consultation.

This new step was officially sealed during the telephone conversation between King Mohammed VI and the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, last week.

The phone call confirmed, if need be, how the Sovereign closely followed the diplomatic crisis with the northern neighbor and how he prepared the ground for its resolution.

The Sovereign’s decisive role was crowned by Spain’s new position on the Sahara issue when it announced in a letter addressed by the head of the Spanish government to King Mohammed VI on March 14 that it considered the initiative autonomy as “the most serious initiative, the most realistic and the most credible basis for resolving the dispute” on the Sahara.

By expressing its position so clearly, Spain has adopted the most advanced position at European level, a position of great importance given its historical role in the Sahara issue, a position which reflects the will of the Spain to contribute to resolving this issue which has lasted too long.

This historic evolution of Moroccan-Spanish relations is taking place thanks to the leadership of the King, who works tirelessly to ensure that the Kingdom maintains its status as a major geostrategic country on a regional and international scale. Morocco is thus reaping the fruits of its thoughtful and assumed positions.

In a royal speech he delivered on August 20, 2021, King Mohammed VI explained that “some claim that Morocco is under attack because it has changed its political and strategic orientation, or because of the way in which it deals with certain diplomatic issues. This is simply not the case… Morocco does not accept that its best interests are violated. At the same time, Morocco is concerned to maintain strong, constructive and balanced relations, in particular with its neighbours, said the Sovereign, emphasizing that “this same logic now governs our policy regarding relations with our neighbour, Spain. It is a fact that these relations have recently come up against an unprecedented crisis, which has shaken mutual trust and raised many questions about their future.

“However, we have worked with the Spanish side in a calm, clear and responsible manner. In addition to the unchanging traditional values ​​on which these relations are based, today we want to strengthen them, bearing in mind the need for understanding of the interests of the two nations”, declared the King, noting that he had “personally and directly followed the development of the dialogue and the discussions between the two countries.

The objective of these discussions was not only to overcome this crisis, but to make the situation an opportunity to reconsider the foundations and determinants of these relations… to open a new and unprecedented phase in relations between the two countries, based on trust, transparency, mutual respect and fulfillment of obligations.

In fact, the message sent by Pedro Sanchez to the King is in line with the spirit of the royal speech of August 20, 2021 and the king’s call to build solid and constructive relations with neighboring countries, in particular Spain.

Morocco and Spain are now clearly embarking on a new path, that of building a new relationship based on permanent contact and mutual respect between two allies, two neighbors and two friends, and this will surely be confirmed during the visit. of the head of the Spanish government will soon pay in Morocco at the invitation of King Mohammed VI.

Spain’s support for Morocco’s territorial integrity and its description of the autonomy initiative as the most serious, credible and realistic basis for finding a political solution to the Sahara conflict add to the similar positions of the United States, Germany, France and, more recently, Israel and show that the autonomy proposal is gaining ground as the ultimate political solution to a contrived dispute and a remnant colonialism that lasted a long time.

However, these new unambiguous geostrategic positions constitute a scathing setback for Algeria and its puppet, the Polisario which considered Spain as its comfort zone.