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King Mohammed VI commemorates the 63rd anniversary of the death of the late King Mohammed V

King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, commemorated on Tuesday the 63rd anniversary of the death of his grandfather, the late King Mohammed V.

The Sovereign, who was accompanied by Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan and Prince Moulay Rachid, visited the Mohammed VI mausoleum and prayed at the tomb of the late King Mohammed V.

The late King Mohammed V died on February 26, 1961, which coincided with the 10th day of Ramadan in the year 1380 according to the Islamic calendar.

King Mohammed V is known for his struggle to defend his country against French and Spanish colonialism and his efforts to restore peace and independence to the kingdom.

King Mohammed V, symbol of the nationalist resistance of Moroccans to colonialism, was perceived by the French authorities as a threat to their colonial domination. This prompted France to exile the Moroccan monarch with his family members to Corsica on the eve of Eid al-Adha in 1953, and then to Madagascar in 1954.

He is remembered as the Father of the Nation, the patriotic and committed King, the architect of independence and the symbol of the struggle of peoples for freedom and emancipation.