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King of Atlantis online this festive season?

Aquaman: King of Atlantis was dropped earlier this year and received positive reviews from viewers. This is a three-part series created by Marly Halpern-Graser and Victor Courtright. The series received 100% Rotten Tomatoes and 6/10 IMDb Ratings. The miniseries are based on Aquaman, Ocean Master and Vulko. Keith Pakiz directed the series, James Wan produced it.

Within the series, Aquaman obtains the status of King of Atlantis. However, his lack of experience as a leader acts as a hindrance. But the administrators are there to help him learn. If you’re planning on streaming Aquaman: King of Atlantis, here are the key details.

Where can you stream the miniseries?

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HBO Max has the episodes of Aquaman: King of Atlantis available to stream. The episodes were originally dropped between October 14, 2021 and October 28, 2021, each of which was 45 minutes long. Warner Bros. Television Distribution distributed the series. It originally aired on Cartoon Network and HBO Max. So if you want to stream it now, you can subscribe to HBO Max and stream it.

Who is in the cast?

Cooper Andrews voices the eponymous main character of Aquaman. He is joined by Mera, whose character is voiced by Gillian Jacobs. Vulko is brilliantly voiced by Thomas Lennon and Ocean Master by Dana Snyder. In the first chapter, Snyder also voiced the character of Robot Hands.

Andrew Morgado voices the character of Petyr Mortikov. Other recurring characters include Toby, voiced by Chris Jai Alex, Mantis by Flula Borg, and Hammer by Kimberly Brooks.

What’s the premise?

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Continuing Aquaman’s journey in the DCEU, the series brings him back as King of Atlantis after bringing down the Ocean Master. He is the first of all “surface dwellers” to ascend to the throne. This three-part animated mini-series is an original watch with various comic dialogues and surreal animation. But, unfortunately, Aquaman cannot master the management of his empire, even sitting on his fish-shaped throne.

However, Vulko, Aquaman’s assistant, Mera, the aggressive warrior, and other officials are there to help their king. The whole series has a breath of fresh air and has a carefree, whimsical style. It is suitable for viewers of all ages and takes viewers on a psychedelic adventure with various beautiful moments. Aquaman’s antics will have you rolling as the series explores its dumbest side.

Should you watch the show?

You can’t get enough of the series as viewers have reviewed. He has a constant humor and surreal animation style, which keeps you hooked. Aquaman and the adventure to become the King of the Ocean Paradigm brings you a show full of action, humor, history, and intense character development.

The series aims to provide viewers with an easy vector into the myth, overstating the need to establish an elaborate backstory. Besides Aquaman, Mera is also the show’s unique selling point. You absolutely must watch the Aquaman: King of Atlantis show.