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Kingdom Hearts 3 Mod Makes King Mickey Playable

A modder has made King Mickey fully playable in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Mickey Mouse plays quite a big role in the Kingdom Hearts series and acts as one of the strongest guardians of light and the king of Disney castle. One of the coolest parts of Kingdom Hearts 2 was the ability to play as Mickey on the rare occasions when Sora falls in battle. Although he only has a few moves, seeing him appear for the first time (usually against Xaldin, right?) was one of the most memorable parts of this game, leading many to believe that something similar would appear in Kingdom Hearts 3.

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This was not the case, however, and Mickey was only featured as a party member in two of the game’s battles, as well as a brief walking segment during Re:Mind. Modder RedReaper777 decided to correct this omission and modified King Mickey to be fully playable in Kingdom Hearts 3.


Because he’s used as a party member in Kingdom Hearts 3, Mickey already has a pretty full moveset, including spells like Curaga, but RedReaper777 managed to replace Mickey’s Thundaga spell here with Holy, resembling his appearance in Kingdom Hearts 2. The mod works by replacing Riku 2.9’s data with Mickey and all of his moves, so this clearly distorts the game in quite an interesting way, but the end result, as seen by TheGamersJoint, is quite impressive.

However, there are a few downsides to the mod that are simply unavoidable. Because the mod replaces data from 2.9 Riku, the Riku you play as in a boss fight in Kingdom Hearts 3, Mickey’s moveset is very limited and he can only cast a few spells and has pretty basic movement options . Don’t expect to use Flowmotion here, folks.

Still, RedReaper777 went the extra mile and managed to include some of Mickey’s more unique moves, such as Double Duel, which he usually performs with Riku. You can also go with his 0.2 “Cursed Mickey” look if you’re some kind of massochist.

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