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Marvel Just Made Sabertooth The Devil King of Mutant Hell

Marvel just made Sabertooth the Evil King of Mutant Hell. It’s okay if you need a minute to unpack that statement. The final era or eras of Victor Creed’s “life” are now revealed in the new Saber tooth comic book miniseries that Marvel just launched. Last I heard, Sabertooth had been sentenced to a sentence worse than death for breaking one of the three laws of the new mutant nation of Krakoa: “Murder no man”. The Silent Council of Krakoa used the living mutant island of Krakoa to essentially “exile” Sabertooth underground, trapping the savage serial killer in a state of living mummification, inside Krakoa. Unsurprisingly, this turns out to be a huge mistake.

The X-Men tried to send Sabertooth to hell – instead, he just took over.

(Picture: Marvel Comics)

(WARNING: SPOILERS for Marvel Saber tooth #1 Follow!)

The plot of Saber toothThe first issue reveals that part of Sabertooth’s “exile” involved Krakoa effectively erasing his memory as his mind remains trapped in some kind of dark fantasy murder loop. However, Krakoa’s human partner, Doug Ramsey, eventually shows up from Limbo to offer Creed some mercy: Krakoa will let Sabertooth’s spirit “free”, even if his body must remain imprisoned. After attempting to assassinate the fictional Doug, Sabertooth finally agrees to the deal – and again, this turns out to be a huge miscalculation of the reality of Victor Creed’s evil and corruption.

With his mind once again under control and fully conscious, Sabertooth pursues his one true passion: murder. He slaughters fictionalized versions of the X-Men and anyone in the Marvel Universe who has ever crossed paths with him or violated his animal trademark. However, over time, even murder gets old for Sabertooth, and his mind begins to imagine what’s greatest in the world for him. And that’s where things get really awful, as Victor Creed gets introspective.

(Picture: Marvel Comics)
(Picture: Marvel Comics)

Sabertooth splits into three characters (the wild animal child, the black-ops soldier, and the supervillain Sabertooth) and has a little reunion of “Me, myself, and me.” The Sabertooths have come to a consensus that it’s time to dream bigger. Those dreams include Sabertooth on the bloody journey of a medieval-style warlord, who conquers everything – then out into the cosmos, as the leader of his own planet-conquering version of the Starjammers.

Ultimately, however, Creed’s darkness manifests as where he feels most at home: a version of hell, where he sits on the throne as the Devil King. Creed is simply resigned to his new hellish realm until something unexpected happens: other mutants find themselves in his realm. We don’t know how Sabertooth’s mutant hell is a real place, only that there are hints that his presence is slowly manifesting as a ghostly entity spotted around Krakoa. This suggests that anything going on in the bowels of Krakoa’s “pit” is far from simply a figment of Sabertooth’s mind.

(Picture: Marvel Comics)

The House of X Reboot of Marvel’s X-Men saw the new mutant society delve into questions of its own faith and religious practices – especially in light of mutants conquering death itself through their resurrection protocols. As Nightcrawler works on the mutant faith and church, it now seems like mutant hell is just as real. The issue ends with Sabertooth promising his first set of visitors that they’re just “handy” for “hell”, he’ll get every mutant in Krakoa…

Saber tooth #1 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.