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Marvel’s new evil king of New York is… Miles Morales

Embarking on a multiversal mission to rescue their Uncle Aaron, Spider-Man and Shift return to New York to find an evil Miles Morales has taken on.

A new ruler is coming to New York within the Marvel Universe – an evil Miles Morales clone who might have a bone or two to choose from with Spider-Man.

In the June 2022 solicitations for Marvel Comics, the publisher provided a preview of the upcoming Miles Morales: Spider-Man #39. The issue sees Miles and his Spider-Clone friend Shift continue their multiversal adventure only to find that New York isn’t quite the same as when they left. The preview reads: “Miles and Shift’s hunt across the multiverse has brought them back to New York, but it’s not the NYC they know – it’s the Empire of spider! And Miles’ evil clone, Selim, has crowned himself emperor! To defeat the oppressive regime, Miles will need the help of rebel leaders General Ganke Lee and Captain Billie Morales, who grew up in a world without his brother and where Spider-Man is all about pain and suffering. And if Miles has fallen to Selim, what does that mean for the fate of Peter Parker?!”

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In Miles Morales: Spider-Man #8, Miles was kidnapped, tortured, and treated like a human test subject by an evil algorithm called the Evaluator. The Evaluator took DNA from Miles’ body and used it to create a trio of clones – Selim, Shift, and Mindspinner – who Spider-Man then had to face off later in the series. In Miles Morales: Spider-Man #28, Selim and Mindspinner are both apparently swept away in an energy blast following a battle on the Brooklyn Bridge, while Shift turns on his fellow clones and becomes Spider-Man’s new “brother” .

Miles and Shift later break into the Assessor’s facility to unplug the algorithm once and for all, which they can only do with the help of Quantum – the former Assessor’s assistant who has been forced to follow the bot’s patterns. for the better part of two years. After the Assessor is defeated and Quantum leaves, Spider-Man and Shift discover that Miles’ Uncle Aaron may still be alive in a different multiverse. The two characters then enter a portal with the aim of finding and saving him.

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In the current Spider Man run, Ganke Lee is Miles’ best friend and Billie Morales is his little sister. None of them have shown any signs of superpowers so far, suggesting Miles and Shift will encounter different variations of the characters as they travel the multiverse. Whether Selim somehow survived the Brooklyn Bridge explosion and then seized power of New York away from Kingpin or if he is a Selim from another dimension remains to be seen in the next few Miles Morales: Spider-Man Questions.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #39 comes from writer Saladin Ahmed, artist Christopher Allen, and cover artist Taurin Clarke, with variant covers by Russell Dauterman and Paco Medina. The issue will go on sale in June from Marvel Comics.

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