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New York Yankees news: Michael King showed promise last year

New York Post | Greg Joyce: Michael King was the star of the bullpen for the Yankees, and one of the best, if not the best reliever in the game overall. His dominance in the first month of the season was a major breakthrough, but the Yankees noticed signs in his time with the team last season that indicated he was moving up the ranks. His ability to consistently attack the strike zone this year has been a major area for improvement, combined with the finesse he has shown throwing the Kluberball the ex-Yankee passed on to him last year. | Mike Rosenstein: Trevor Story was one of the hottest shortstops on the free agent market this past offseason, but the Yankees not only let him down, they saw him sign with their rivals in Boston. That hasn’t been a big concern thus far, however, as Story has been mired in a slump and is now drawing the ire of the Boston media after failing to show a post-game media opportunity. The former is the most important part here since the New York media are far from innocent of their own potshots, but it looks like the Sox have created a bit of a mess for themselves. I’m sure the Yankees approve.

CBS Sports | RJ Anderson: Joey Gallo was as cold as ice to start the year, and his Yankees tenure as a whole didn’t go to plan. There are a number of reasons for this, and Anderson dives into a few theories here — including how the change affected him, how Gallo might miss his own adjustments and how baseball itself plays a role. Gallo has started to turn things around, but this cold streak is a case study in finding your way through a crisis. | Brendan Kuty: Everyone’s eyes are on the Anthony Volpes and Jasson Dominguez of the Yankee farm system, but there are plenty of productive players making a name for themselves. Double-A Somerset have a pair that are on the rise according to their coaching staff, with pitcher Jhony Brito and infielder Chad Bell praising their work on the most successful tier of the Miners organization until now.