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One Piece fans lose their temper over King’s face revealed

A piece has hundreds of characters to his name, and some of them tend to stand out more than others. Sure, the Straw Hat Pirates live off their star status, but other arc-centric pirates have amassed fans through their looks. And now King has been welcomed into the group now that fans have finally seen his face.

The update went live this weekend when A piece release its most recent chapter. This is where fans read Zoro’s fight with King, and the insanely strong villain took things up a notch this week. If you have read A piece this week you’ll have seen King land several massive blows on Zoro, but our swordsman has finally reached King.

While the battle is still on, King has earned a reluctant respect for Zoro as the latter has managed to break his mask. The manga dropped the equipment to the ground, leaving King on display for the first time. As you can see below, A piece readers didn’t expect the Lunarian to be so sexy, and her beauty is anything but a textbook. Even Sanji couldn’t ignore his features, and given what the fandom is saying now, they would like King to give up his mask for good… that is, if he comes out of his battle with Zoro alive.

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