King castle

Paper Mario™: The Origami King for Nintendo Switch

The kingdom has been ravaged by an origami threat! Join Mario and his new partner, Olivia, as they battle evil soldiers, repair the damaged landscape, and try to free Princess Peach’s castle from the clutches of King Olly in this comedy-filled adventure, only on the Nintendo Switch system ™.

Master strategic ring-based battles

Line up scattered enemies and plan your attack to maximize damage with the new ring-based combat system that requires both puzzle-solving skills and a sharp mind.

Mario and Luigi receive an invitation from Princess Peach to attend an origami festival and excitedly rush to Toad Town…but something is wrong. After investigating the eerily empty town, the duo find a fearsome (and bent) Princess Peach – she’s been turned into origami by King Olly, ruler of the Origami Kingdom! With five giant streamers under his control, King Olly binds Princess Peach’s castle and transports it to a distant mountain as part of his plan to fold up the world.

On his journey to free Peach’s Castle and repair the ravaged Paper Landscape, Mario encounters Olivia, King Olly’s sister, and the two join forces to put an end to Olly’s origami attack. Even Bowser falls victim to Olly’s plot when his minions are turned into origami folded soldiers and betray their King Koopa, forcing him to ally with Mario and Olivia!

Fight Folded Soldiers in ring battles that challenge you to strategically line up enemies to maximize damage! Out of battle, Mario can use the 1,000 arm extension ability at specific locations to interact with the landscape to shoot, peel, kick and more! Join Mario, Olivia and their companions on a journey of laughs and emotions, thrills and many bends.