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Review: King of Battle and Blood by Scarlett St. Clair

To avoid war and protect his kingdom, Isolde’s father, the king of Lara, surrenders to Adrian; the notorious and powerful vampire “Blood King” who is known to ruthlessly conquer realms. Under the terms of the surrender, Adrian abruptly demands that the mortal Princess Isolde become his wife (and queen) and live with him among the vampires. Despite their undeniable chemistry from the start, under the influence of her father and the people of Lara, Isolde believes she must find a way to kill Adrian to protect her people. But, as Isolde spends more time with Adrian and the vampires in his backyard, Isolde begins to question what he’s been told about the history of the kingdom (including the disappearance of magic, the burning of Witches and the Creation of Vampires) and begins to wonder if Adrian really is the villain or the monster he claims to be.

King of battle and blood is a fast-paced new paranormal adult romance novel starring the ‘enemies of lovers’ trope. The plot of this book reminded me The kingdom of bridges by Danielle L. Jensen and A shadow in the embers by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Plus, the genre, vibe, ‘enemies of lovers’ trope and romance featured in King of battle and blood recalled A court of thorns and roses by Sarah J. Maas and Blood and ashes by Jennifer L. Armentrout. So if you are like me and love spicy and action packed new fantasy adult romance novels then you should definitely take a look King of battle and blood! This book deals with themes such as appearance versus reality, darkness versus light (or in this case, wolf versus sparrow), change versus tradition, growth, the quest for power, love and grief, family, female roles and feminism, fate versus free will, inner and outer strength, war and sacrifice, and knowledge versus ignorance. In my opinion, the moral of King of battle and blood Trust your heart, believe in yourself, and avoid passing judgment until you’ve heard both sides of the story.

First, the plot and the action in King of battle and blood was fast and Adrian and Isolde’s romance was the opposite of slow burning! You get straight into the action and romance in the first two chapters, which makes this book very intriguing and hard to let go. Likewise, I loved the instant chemistry and passion of Adrian and Isolde; it’s filled with spice and romance throughout. King of battle and blood also has a lot of unexpected twists and turns and has an action-packed ending; it will leave you guessing and leave you wanting more. You’ll also see the book touching on feminism, female roles, and women’s empowerment. As in A series of Courtyard of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas, Rhys refreshingly treats Feyre as an equal by naming her the High Lady of the Night Court, and in this series, despite being a mortal, Adrian treats Isolde as an equal partner in both their relationship and their reign. Finally, since I’m in the design, I have to compliment the superb cover (which I think perfectly reflects the vibe of this book) and the illustrations at the start of each chapter.

On the negative side, I didn’t like the length of the chapters because I don’t like stopping in the middle of the chapters, so I felt like I needed to set aside more time to read this book instead of pick it up for a few minutes here and there. I also found Isolde’s conflicting feelings towards Adrian (going back and forth between freely falling in love with Adrian and feeling that she would have to push Adrian away to stay true to Lara’s realm) very frustrating, very frustrating.

Overall, I loved this book, especially the spicy Isolde and Adrian romance, the fantasy elements, and the action-packed storyline, and found myself reluctant to let go of this book! It was the first Scarlett St. Clair book I read, and it totally exceeded my expectations. If you are into new adult fantasies and romances, I highly recommend that you get a copy of King of battle and blood!

King of battle and blood is available from Amazon, Book deposit, and other good booksellers, like your local bookstore.

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From fan favorite Scarlett St. Clair, bestselling author of the Hades & Persephone series, comes a new fantasy filled with danger, darkness and insatiable romance.

Their union is his revenge.

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