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Riverdale Villains ranked, from Edgar Neverever to the Gargoyle King

In season 1 of Riverdalethe show was primarily concerned with the love triangle between Archie (KJ Apa), Betty (Lili Reinhart) and Véronique (Camila Mendes), and cheerleading catfights. Things have changed a lot since those more innocent days, however, and nowadays, Riverdale has a lot more on its plate. Forget high school romantic dramas — the characters on the CW series have to contend with drug dealers, incestuous murder plots, and evil cults that harvest human organs. So it goes without saying that the show has more than its fair share of villains, villains, and scoundrels. But are all villains created equal? Barely. Here are the best ones Riverdale has to offer.

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10. Francois Dupont

Francis DupontRiverdale
Picture via The CW

Tribute to Francis Dupont (Malcolm Stewart) to be a classic old-school antagonist – in a city full of masked villains with ridiculous names, it’s kind of refreshing to have one who, yes, is a serial killer, but might otherwise pass for a human ordinary. During the story arc where Jughead (Cole Sprouse) ends up attending an elite prep school that, like any historic WASP organization, has more than its fair share of secrets, we meet Francis. He is billed as the author of a series of popular books and serves as a mentor to Jughead as he pursues his own writing career. Of course, he also happens to be responsible for orchestrating a series of murders stretching back decades and secretly conspiring to sabotage Jughead. But listen, no one is perfect.


9. Ethel Muggs

Picture via The CW

Ethel Muggs (Shannon Purser) is a bit like the Ann Veal of Riverdale bad guys : “HisShe starts out as another generic Riverdale High School student – ​​quiet, unassuming, and totally unremarkable. She’s certainly not as bad as the show’s villainous ringleaders – she’s more of a classic follower, willing to make decisions that hurt people in the service of others. Yet Ethel isn’t beyond redemption, and while she sometimes gets into villainous territory, it’s hard not to sympathize with her.

8. Penny Peabody

Penny Peabody
Picture via The CW

With as many criminals as there are on Riverdale, it was probably only a matter of time before we saw one working within the justice system. This is where Penny Peabody (Brit Morgan) Comes In: A respected lawyer who frequently worked with the Southside Serpents, she first appears as a kind-hearted warrior for the underdog. But her legal aid comes at a price, and she isn’t shy about manipulating vulnerable people for her own ends. At one point, she asks Jughead to go on a drug run for her by playing off her love for her incarcerated father, then blackmails him when he complies. In a show with gargoyle kings and spooky cults, she taps into the wickedness of the real world, making her one of the scariest characters around. Riverdale has to offer.

7. Hal Cooper

Picture via The CW

In the beginning, Hal Cooper (Lochlyn Munro) seems to be just another overbearing parent in Riverdale, the father of girl-next-door Betty. But there’s more to it than meets the eye, darkness lurks beneath his wholesome suburban daddy. Throughout the second season, a masked serial killer wreaks havoc on the city, committing murders and attempted murders with an unseemly frenzy. Many of his hostile actions seem to be aimed specifically at Betty Cooper, which comes as a surprise when we learn that the Black Hood is actually his father, Hal. Raised from childhood to focus fanatically on punishing his Riverdale neighbors for their perceived sins, Hal brings a kind of Se7fr the energy of style at the show, demonstrating a marked escalation of Riverdale from being a city with a singular murder mystery to the downright disturbing lair of iniquity it will eventually become.

6. Hermione Lodge

Picture via The CW

When we first meet Hermione Lodge (Marisol Nichols), Veronica’s mother, and married to an even bigger villain, Hiram (Marc Consuelos), it passes for reasonable. She pulls Veronica out of town and brings her back to her hometown to protect her from the fallout of her husband’s crimes, which makes her come across as a protective and devoted mother. And while that may be true, it’s not long before we learn that Hermione also has a few tricks up her sleeve, and a mile-wide Machiavellian streak. There’s a reason she and Hiram had been together for so long, after all. Over the course of the show, she is shown to be a manipulative mistress, willing to commit a variety of crimes as she looks out for her own best interests above all else. Yet his villainous status changes from season to season, and as Riverdale progresses, she ends up becoming more of what we might consider an anti-hero.

5. Gargoyle King (Chic)

Picture via The CW

On the one hand, you have to give this guy some credit: it’s not easy to evoke fear in Riverdale with a name as ridiculous as Gargoyle King. And on top of that, he’s a legitimately creepy character, first appearing to Betty and Jughead in the woods looking much more like a character on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. You also have to appreciate his commitment to the bit – by the time modern residents of Riverdale encounter the Gargoyle King, he had been part of the town’s mythology for several generations (albeit with different antagonists operating in the role of Gargoyle King on the years). It’s perseverance! And with a loyal group of followers known as the Gargoyle Gang, he clearly has a certain appeal that would set him head and shoulders above the rest. Riverdale bad guys.

4. Clifford’s Flower

Picture via The CW

Where to start with good old Clifford Blossom, right? His character is at the heart of the thriller of the first season: on July 4, his son, Jason Blossom, died in “mysterious circumstances”. The Blossoms are the most important family in all of Riverdale, owners of a lucrative maple syrup business for generations, and the death of their only son sends shock waves through the community. But the one person who was perhaps less than surprised by Jason’s death was his own father, Clifford. Why? Because he was the one who killed him. After discovering that Clifford was using the business as a means of drug trafficking, Jason confronted his father, after which the elder Blossom shot him in the head and presented his death as an accident. With all the criminal activity, it’s pretty clear that Riverdale’s favorite son might not be such a good guy. Cold and unforgiving, Clifford Blossom is a fundamental part of a classic Riverdale mystery, back when the show was firing on all cylinders (and before it gloriously went off the rails).

3. Evelyn and Edgar Everever

Picture via The CW

A lot of Riverdale the villains have an inexplicably creepy and incestuous vibe, but these two take the cake. Edgar (Chad Michael Murray) is the leader of a cult ominously called The Farm – he markets himself as some sort of new-age guru, but the illegal harvesting of human organs is his true passion. Evelyn (Zoe De Grand Maison) initially appears to be a harmless transfer student – ​​until it is revealed that she has graduated with a major never been kissed on the population of Riverdale High, and is actually a fully grown woman posing as a teenager in order to entice her fellow students into the cult. And what’s worse? She introduces Edgar as her father when he is in fact her husband. There are probably scarier villains on Riverdalebut they are the only two capable of giving the audience a full-body shiver of revulsion.

2. Penelope Flower

Picture via The CW

If we’re going to list Clifford Blossom as a villain, we probably have to include his wife/adoptive sister Penelope (Nathalie Boltt) too. While Clifford appears as a Scooby-Doo villain in the first season, Penelope is the more insidious threat, with a hand in the major outbreaks of violence that plague the second and third seasons of Riverdale. Not only did she do a psychological number on her children, but over the course of the series she was also shown to have murderous instincts that surpass all other villains. Poison was her favorite move, resulting in a massive body count and frequently combined with the appearance of suicide in order to keep suspicion from falling on her. While she’s not a villain we’d like to tangle with, you have to admire her steely-eyed determination, and let’s be real – a lot of her victims got it, anyway.

1. Hiram Lodge

Picture via The CW

There are plenty of villains wearing ridiculous masks with ridiculous names roaming the streets of Riverdale – that’s not the vibe of Hiram Lodge. He’s the shadowy presence that operates behind the scenes, maintaining a (admittedly thin) veneer of respectability while ruling what amounts to a criminal empire. A prominent businessman, he uses his company, Lodge Industries, as a front for all manner of drug dealing and other nefarious activities. He starts the show on trial for embezzlement and fraud, and his crimes only get more egregious from there. Not only does he play mind games with the young people of Riverdale, including his own daughter Veronica and her closest friends, but he’s directly involved in Archie’s attempted murder. He may have been mayor of Riverdale for a while, but that says all we need to know about Hiram Lodge that his character ended with his daughter literally running him out of town at the threat of a weapon.


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