King castle

ROCKY HORROR SHOW, King’s Theatre, Glasgow

Review: ROCKY HORROR SHOW, King's Theatre, Glasgow

On their engagement day, perfectly clean lovers Brad and Janet embark on a journey to find the teacher who brought them together in a science class. It’s a dark and stormy night and they break down on the road and head to a mysterious castle to see if anyone can help them get started. What lies behind the door is an unknown world of sex, rock and roll and… aliens.

The host is Frank-N-Furter (Stephen Webb), an eccentric transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania. While initially scaring the naive Brad (Ore Oduba) and Janet (Haley Flaherty), they are captivated by Frank and his strange home.

The most exciting thing about rocky horror show is public involvement. It’s traditional to dress up and there are cues to shout out in response to the script. Even the most timid will be likely to get up and join in with “The Timewarp”, the famous song with instructive dance moves that is picked up at the curtain call. If you’re unsure if attending is for you, the Rocky Horror Show website has a “virgin’s guide” that breaks down some of the traditions, but reassures you that you don’t have to dress up if you don’t want it. at.

Philip Franks plays the narrator and gets into the local spirit of things, adding banter about the town and the theater and having a response to every good-humored ruckus.

rocky horror show was first staged in 1973 and has become a cult favorite and it shows no signs of slowing down. The songs are excellent, this tour was well cast and the enthusiasm of the audience makes it a must-see musical.