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Set Your Prices and Destroy Akindo’s Demon King – Merchant’s Road –

Akindo – Merchant’s Road, a free mix of haggling and heavy fighting is now available for English-speaking audiences.

Developer Zoo Games has confirmed that the team behind Akindo – Merchant’s Road has finally completed an English port of this inventive mix of commercial moves. The free adventure is now available via iOS App store and Google Play Store. The English release of this one brings the original Japanese version to a global audience, who must rebuild the world following an epic battle between the Demon King and mankind.

As you explore this perfect pixel art world of Akindo, things falter. As a humble merchant, you will roam the roads and attempt to rejuvenate the lives of its inhabitants. Like any good RPG, this means building a team of Fellows, each bringing their own skills to the challenge. This group of unexpected heroes make their way through the wilderness, collecting materials to build a business empire. It’s a bit like Moonlighter with a JPRG twist.

If you want something that’s a different take on the world-saving exploits of traditional JRPG and handy in a haggle, then Akindo – Merchant’s Road is available now. Check out the trailer above or head over to official site now.