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Stranger From Heaven: Final Fantasy Origin

Astos, a villain from the original Final Fantasy, returns in Stranger of Paradise, but how does his current story tie in with his previous appearances?

Square Enix has revealed new details on its upcoming title, Stranger From Heaven: Final Fantasy Origin. In one of the blog posts, the company announced the appearance of three characters that the protagonist will meet on their journey. Among them is a name familiar to longtime fans of the JRPG story series: Astos, King of the Dark Elves.

Players knowing Final fantasy lore might remember Astos from one of the previous installments. It was first featured in the original Final fantasy on the NES. Five years before the arrival of the Warriors of Light, Astos had set his sights on the elven village of Elfheim. After attacking the village, he put a curse on the young elf prince. Not only did Astos put the prince into a permanent sleep and took away the village treasure, he also made sure to steal the witch Matoya with his crystal eye. He did this to prevent her from brewing a potion that would lift the prince’s curse.

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Screenshot of Astos in Western Keep in the original Final Fantasy.

True to his name, Astos has been described as a trickster. When the Warriors of Light reached the Western Dungeon, he was posing as a weak old king. He told them that the missing crown would help restore his ruined castle to its former glory and asked them to get it back. The warriors obeyed and set out for the marshy depths of the Marsh Cave. When they returned with the Crown by their side, Astos showed his true form and attacked them. The Warriors of Light defeated him and took the Crystal Eye he left for Matoya, who made a dry tonic to wake the sleeping Elf Prince.

In other Final fantasy remakes, Astos makes a second appearance in Whisperwind Cove. He is presented as one of the restless, flame-like spirits of enemies that the Warriors of Light have once fought. After defeating him for the second time, Astos promises the Warriors that his curse will follow them until their last day.

Square Enix did not disclose any specific information about Asots’ involvement in the upcoming installment. With his character model and an in-game screenshot, the blog teased that, “He is said to know the location of the crystals. Although he does possess a certain beauty, he carries an air of plague. He seems to know Jack and the others. ” While these statements aren’t very detailed, a comparison can be drawn between Astos’ previous and upcoming appearances in the franchise.

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Considering that the Stranger from paradise the plot unfolds in a dark and fantastical take on the original Final fantasy setting, Astos could play a bigger role in this installment. Since he knows where the crystals are and is aware of Jack’s arrival, it is safe to say that he will be responsible for completing one or more stages of the hero’s journey, as well as overall character development. Another thing to keep in mind is that in Stranger from paradise, Astos is apparently a young ruler whose castle is not necessarily in a state of disrepair but rather is presented as a no-go area for Warriors of Light. While that doesn’t automatically make him one of the potential carriers of Chaos, his connection to the plot is unlikely to be that of a minor antagonist.

Compared to the Astos of the original Final fantasy, Stranger from paradise will likely offer a different take on this character while also developing some of his distinctive personality traits. With the material limitations having all but disappeared, there will be more room for the story to develop, which could shed light on the otherwise obscure importance of Astos in the world. Final fantasy universe. All in all, the reimagined version of Astos might also solve some questions that have lasted a decade and pave the way for its recurring appearance in the future. Final fantasy installments.

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