King castle

Sydney’s crypto king is renting out his $17m home on Airbnb

Cryptocurrency has made beggars of some people (just check out the dying altcoins fan pages) and kings of others.

Speaking of which: Tech mogul Fred Schebesta’s South Coogee “castle,” which he bought for $16.85 million last year, is currently available to rent on Airbnb.

Although it is not public knowledge exactly how much money the Co-founder of comparison site Finder invested in Bitcoin, Schebesta invested in Bitcoin in 2017 – when it was just $4,000.

Got $26,917 to spare? Get this Airbnb Coogee.

Schebesta, who has an estimated net worth of $214 million, told social media content creator @fonziegomez after buying his house, “this is the house of crypto” and “crypto built this house” .

We will, however, leave the pros and cons of crypto for another day; today it’s about sharing that you can spend a night at someone’s dad’s house, as it’s described on Airbnb, “crypto castle” for $52,911 a night.

It only has two reviews, both from December 2021 (and both positive).

On the left: the swimming pool of the crypto château (via Airbnb). Right: customer feedback.

Notable features of Crypto Castle include chef-grade cuisine, Gaggenau appliances, a butler pantry, two wet bars, a gym, an infinity pool, sheltered outdoor spaces, designer bathrooms, designer powder rooms, a home office, a integrated sound system and a four car garage.

According to real incredible home was designed “with no expense spared by Renato D’Ettorre in the 1990s”.

The crypto castle, located on Bunya Parade, has five bedrooms and five bathrooms. It is made of sandstone, concrete, steel and glass.

Images via Airbnb.

One of the coolest things is that all of the rooms in the crypto-castle face the street towards the sea, making it one of the most intimate cushions in the eastern suburbs.

Photos on Airbnb show the incredible views and exceptional amenities of the place, which you can access if you book it. The only slight hiccup is the price: when we looked up a reservation, we were given the price of just under $27,000 for one night.

It’s an expensive (half) weekend. Imagine the price for both Fridays and On Saturday night (actually, don’t; it went up about $53,000).

If the crypto castle were rented out on Airbnb every night of the year, for $26,000, it would fetch $9,855,000 per year. Even if it were only rented one night a week at that price, it would bring in $1,404,000 a year.

And we thought those Airbnbs in Byron Bay were expensive…

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