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Sylvester Stallone makes a violent threat in new Tulsa King music video

A very angry Sylvester Stallone makes violent threats in a new clip from the upcoming Paramount+/Taylor Sheridan Tulsa King gangster series.

Mafia boss Sylvester Stallone makes a violent threat in intense new clip from crime series king of tulsa. Movie star Stallone makes his scripted TV drama debut in Taylor Sheridan’s upcoming Paramount+ series. The show’s highly anticipated cast also includes Max Casella, Domenick Lombardozzi, Vincent Piazza, Martin Starr, Garrett Hedlund and Dana Delany.

king of tulsa creator Sheridan has of course created his own television empire in concert with Paramount+, unleashing series such as Yellowstone, Mayor of Kingstown and 1883. Much of Sheridan’s small-screen success has indeed been achieved by attracting big-screen stars like Kevin Costner, Jeremy Renner and – most notably – Harrison Ford, who is set to star in Sheridan’s other upcoming show. . 1923. Stallone also couldn’t resist Sheridan’s call and signed on for his first-ever significant role in a scripted television series in king of tulsaa crime drama that also boasts The Sopranos‘ Terence Winter as showrunner.


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A recent trailer actually gave viewers their first look at Stallone as gangster Dwight “The General” Manfredi in king of tulsa. Now stallion himself shared a brief snippet of his central character showing off his violent, threatening temper as well as choice language. See the fiery clip in space below:

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king of tulsaThe New York storyline sees mob capo Manfredi released from prison after a 25-year stint and sent to the relative hole of Tulsa, Oklahoma to create a new criminal enterprise. Manfredi must then assemble a new team of morally dubious accomplices to help him settle into this unfamiliar environment. It’s indeed a big plus to have Winter on board the series as showrunner, given her experience with similar mob characters on HBO’s acclaimed series. The Sopranos. It’s also helpful to have Sheridan’s magic TV touch involved in bringing king of tulsa live.

But of course, the main selling point of king of tulsa must be the presence of Stallone, an actor who is a silver screen legend but has never had a significant TV or streaming presence. The clip above suggests that Stallone will be at his most feisty and dramatic playing gangster Manfredi, a big fish in an unfamiliar little pond. Whether or not Stallone’s larger-than-life movie star skills translate successfully to the small screen, of course, remains to be seen. But the team behind king of tulsa is surely very impressive and the show looks like a great showcase for Stallone as he joins other longtime stars like Costner and Ford in the ever-expanding Sheridan TV universe. king of tulsa arrives on Paramount+ on November 13, 2022.

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