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Take a Harry Potter UK road trip from King’s Cross to Alnwick Castle and beyond

For those Harry Potter fans who have read every book and watched every movie, the new Return To Hogwarts series is proving to be an essential viewing.

The quartet, which launched on Sky and HBO Max of America on New Years Day, was a treat for a trip down memory lane not only for the stars of the blockbuster movie franchise, but also for those who have Potter has missed everything since the last movie was released.

Made to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter film, the reunion special brought together Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and other cast members to share memories of the films that made them famous.

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And now that its release has sparked Pottermania once again, an online site has taken it a step further by creating a road trip to the UK so fans can follow in the magical footsteps of Harry Potter, Hermione Grainger and Ron Weasley, as in the film from London to Edinburgh. It also includes various Harry Potter attractions.

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More important again, Family money calculated the cost and time required for this mega-trip which also includes Alnwick Castle, which starred in that first Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone film.

Northumberland Castle is known as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Witchcraft in some of the opening scenes of the first film, including the moment Harry takes his first broom lessons – and the castle now offers flying lessons on its land for young people.

This is also where Ron crashed into the Weasleys’ flying car and where Harry came face to face – literally – with ‘The Unnamed’ One. “

Here are the details of Harry Potter’s UK road trip – but note that those considering adapting it for a summer getaway may need to take a little longer than suggested as Durham is missing.

The Harry Potter film franchise is still popular
The Harry Potter film franchise is still popular

Movie buffs won’t want to miss Durham Cathedral, the location of Professor McGonagall’s classroom or the spot where Harry in the first film took Hedwig out in the snow – which was filmed in the Cloisters – or where Fluffy, the three-headed dog, was in residence.

The town landmark recently hosted tours of the sets used in Harry Potter, which again included Cloister Garth in the upcoming film, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, when Ron fell victim to his own slug-vomiting curse.

So add a little extra time for a layover there on this Harry Potter UK tour that includes 31 other locations and is quite expensive, meaning less well-off fans might want to do it in stages. .

Harry Potter themed events are popular at Alnwick Castle
Harry Potter themed events are popular at Alnwick Castle

The entire trip would take over 70 hours if you drive – and that doesn’t include time for sleeping or eating – and it could cost as much as £ 2,714.

Family Money commissioned research who used Google Maps to estimate driving times and train, subway, bus and walk times to all locations, including official locations where filming took place as well as ‘inspiration locations’ for Harry Potter and also Harry Potter themed venues including a bar.

He used Trip Advisor and the websites of various attractions to create, he says, “the best roadmap for every Harry Potter fan.”

Harry Potter UK tour stops

King’s Cross Station – London, N1 9AL. The journey begins naturally here, and fans can snap photos on the iconic Platform 9 ¾.

Leadenhall Market – London, EC3V 1LT

Millennium Bridge – London, EC4V 4GG

Tower Bridge – London, SE1 2UP

Lambeth Bridge – London, SE1 7SG

The Harry Potter Photo Exhibition – London, WC2E 7BN

Potions room tea at Cutter & Squidge – London, W1F 0SJ

Mina Lima House – London, W1F 8WQ

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – London, W1D 5AY

Warner Brother Studios Tour – Watford, WD25 7LR

The dining hall of Christ Church College, Oxford -Oxford, OX1 1DP

Duke Humfrey’s Library at the Bodleian Library – Oxford

Cloister and courtyard of the new colleges -Oxford

The Divinity School at the Bodleian Library – Oxford

Bodley Tower Staircase and Cloister -Oxford

Lacock Abbey – Chippenham, SN15 2LG

Harry Potter’s parents’ house – Chippenham, SN15 2LB

Horace Slughorn’s Hideout – Chippenham, SN15

Gloucester Cathedral – Gloucester, GL1 2LX

Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience – Norwich, CW9 6NA

Alnwick Castle – NE66 1NQ: the scenery of scenes including Harry’s first broomstick flying lessons at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; Ron’s forced landing in the Weasleys’ flying car and Harry’s first encounter with the Unnamed One. And before Alnwick, we suggested adding the tour to Durham.

The Balmoral Hotel – Edinburgh, EH2 2EQ

The elephant house – Edinburgh, EH1 1EN

Greyfriars Kirkyard – Edinburgh, EH1 2QE

Victoria Street – Edinburgh, EH1 2HG

Handprints of JK Rowling – Edinburgh, EH1 1YJ

Department of Magical Escape Rooms – Edinburgh, EH1 1QR

George Heriot School – Edinburgh, EH3 9EQ

Dog house – Edinburgh, EH8 9HX

The Cauldron (Harry Potter Cocktails) – Edinburgh, EH2 1LH

Glenfinnan Viaduct – PH37 4LT. Fans can end their journey by watching the passing train.

The total cost of the road trip would be £ 2,714 excluding food; fans are expected to travel 769.3 miles to visit each location and spend over £ 100 on fuel – depending on the car model.

For those who want to make the most of each attraction, Family Money says it would take 53 hours and 45 minutes “to have a truly magical experience.”

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