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The 15 Scariest Stephen King Villains We’ve Seen On Screen

There are plenty of fantastic segments to choose from between “Creepshow” and “Creepshow 2,” the horror anthology classics featuring King stories. The oily slime in the second segment of 1987’s “Creepshow 2” is beyond explanation – and that’s exactly why it earns a spot on this list.

Adapted from the short story “The Raft” from King’s short story collection “Skeleton Crew” from 1985, this segment of “Creepshow 2” follows a group of teenagers who fall prey to a bizarre, all-consuming slime in the quay lake. they decided to hang out. The protagonists are slowly consumed by this formless entity as they desperately cling to the lake raft, watching it in horror as it plays with them from the surface of the water.

It’s often the things we don’t understand that scare us the most, and for that reason, this segment still gives chills even with the campy tone of the “Creepshow” series. Is he hungry? Is it territorial? Where does it come from? Is he alive? None of these questions really matter when you’re trying to find a way to shore while your friend is sucked into the jaws of this horrible villain.

If you’re a “Creepshow” fan and haven’t watched Shudder TV’s revival yet, keep your horror-loving eyes peeled for the upcoming third season.