King castle

The actual town where the King’s Landing scenes were filmed in Game of Thrones

The city of Dubrovnik in Croatia doubles as King’s Landing. To bring their fictional city to life, the creative team behind “Game of Thrones” used an area called Dubrovnik Old Town, which is full of beautiful classic architecture that adds to the high-fantasy atmosphere. Viewers will notice that the figures occasionally wander along what are effectively Dubrovnik’s historic city walls, which protected the city in the 13th century. Pile Gate, which serves as the entrance to the Old Town, acts as Blackwater Bay, a main seaport in King’s Landing (via Bustle).

Dubrovnik served as a substitute for King’s Landing so perfectly that a significant challenge arose during the filming of the final season. Fans will recall that in Season 8, Daenerys employs her dragons and armies to burn down King’s Landing, one of many “Game of Thrones” moments that left audiences stunned. However, destroying Dubrovnik was clearly not an option. Instead, the streets of Dubrovnik were recreated in Belfast, Ireland, for the sole purpose of filming the destruction sequence (via Shamrock Craic). The production built around 17 blocks of alleys, streets and shops, which were used to recreate the areas of Dubrovnik that act as King’s Landing. Unlike King’s Landing, Dubrovnik is still solid, giving viewers the chance to visit some of the locations used in “Game of Thrones.”