King kingdom

The Sun King at his Zenith

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Louis XIV chose the sun as his personal emblem, shining on the kingdom of France as the sun shining on the Earth. Today, the Sun King’s megalomania continues to shine, but he will forever embody the grandeur and splendor of Grand Siècle France. Heat and light are not the only things that sunlight gives us; solar winds can be harnessed by solar sails. The first solar-powered spacecraft, the Japanese project Ikaros, was successfully launched in 2010 and flew over Venus eight months later. Attempts to emulate the sun’s nuclear fusion process here on Earth have met with almost insurmountable challenges, but we persevere regardless. And recent solar storms have raised the question of whether our electrical, communications and satellite infrastructure is ready for potentially huge coronal mass ejections expected to extend through 2025. Solar activity has torched offices in telegraph in 1921, but since then the world has become much more electrified and much more connected. FTEX CEO Ramee Mossa told EE Times Weekend that people aspiring to start their own businesses should “surround themselves with experienced professionals who can leverage their network to help you build strong supplier relationships, industry partners and customers “.

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